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Iranian Attack Craft Play With US Vessels

Five High speed Iranian attack craft accosted a trio of U.S. Navy warships on sunday in the strategically critical Strait of Hormuz. Their approach required American ships to take evasive action. Although no one on either side was hurt, the Iranian maneuver infuriated naval officials. As three US ships sailed in the straits, the Iranian craft sailed to within 200 yards and sailors on the ships dropped “white box-like objects” into the water which made American take evasive action. The entire incident was over within thirty minutes. Admiral Congriff was upset at the irresponsible Iranian behavior in a heavily traveled waterway where the slightest miscalculation might have resulted in tragedy.

For some reason, no one bothered to pick up at least one of the mysterious white boxes in order to discover if they contained anything that was threatening. In a world in which miscalculations can result in explosive results it might be wise to establish communication with the Iranian government. Such communication was established with the Soviet government which was much more powerful and threatening to world security.