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Does US Have Case Of Iranphobia?

The Iranian government accused US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of “Iranphobia” for trying to blame Tehran for problems in Iraq. Secretary Rice has promised to press Iraq’s Arab neighbors to take an aggressive stance against Iran for supposedly interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq. Iran’s Foreign Minister spokesperson, Mohammed Ali Hosseini told reporters “We see the developments in Iraq today are the outcome of the US administration’s illogical policies. The American officials want to externalize the problems they are facing inside Iraq.” The United States insists Iran is funding terrorist groups and wants other nations to help end this aid. Iran argues they also want other Arab nations to assist the Shiite Iraq government of Prime Minister Maliki to fight Sunni militants.

In reality, both Iran and the United States have been actively assisting forces in Iraq to engage in fighting. Naturally, the United States claims those it aids are the “good guys” and those aided by the Iranians are the “bad guys.” One problem is the close relationship between Iran and the Maliki government. If the two nations have such excellent relations, why would Iran attempt to overthrow its ally?