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Christian Iraqis Welcomed In Europe

Among the disasters of the Bush invasion of Iraq was the resulting prejudice against Christians in that nation which has resulted in the flight of over two-thirds of the prewar population. Ironically, under the Saddam Hussein regime, Christians enjoyed freedom of religion and protection against persecution. Saddam disliked and feared fundamentalist Muslim leaders so he allowed Christians to live in peace. The American invasion resulted in a rise to power of Muslim fundamentalist and an unleashing of violence against Christians. Most have fled although few have ben welcomed in the United States. The European Union is granting refuge to over 10,000 Iraqi Christians and at least one fourth will be granted asylum in Germany.

Most of the historic Chaldean Christians trace there ancestry back over a thousand years and predate the arrival of the Muslim religion. The blundering Bush invasion which did not even recognize the precarious position of Iraq Christians has resulted in their need to flee from their homes and seek safety elsewhere. Does President Bush ever regret what he did to the Christians of Iraq?

Iraq Government Seeks To Protect Christians

George Bush has continually projected an image as a president who cares about Christians since he has a direct line to God. Among his legacies as president of the United States is having done more to drive Christians from the Middle East than any single political figure in American history. When United States forces drove Saddam Hussein from power, there were about one million Christians living in Iraq, today the number is less than five hundred thousand. A few days ago, 1,000 Iraq police were sent to the city of Mosul in order to protect Christians against Muslim mobs. “Two (national police) brigades were sent to Christian areas in Mosul and churches were surrounded and put under tight security.”

Over a thousand Christians were forced to flee their homes due to violence which has resulted in the deaths of at least eleven since September 28. On Saturday, homes of Christians were blown up, undoubtedly by Muslim fundamentalists. Members of the Chaldean religion have called on American forces to provide protection, but all signs point to the complete destruction of Christian life in Iraq. Iraq Christians were living in the area hundreds of years prior to the birth of the Muslim religion but due to the success of Bush policies they will soon vanish from the region.

Fall Out From Bush War-Iraq Christians Flee For Lives

The Christin right in America frequently expresses their belief that George Bush is a stalwart defender of Christian principles. When American troops entered Iraq there were about 800,000 Christians in the country, but today, more than half have fled the fundamentalist Muslim government which has done little to protect Christian rights. German churches are now urging their government to be generous and grant asylum to those fleeing the murderous rule of fundamentalist Islam in Iraq. Gunter Nooke, commissioner of the German human rights group describes the situation for Iraq Christians as “threats, murder and abduction are part of the daily life for Christians in Iraq.” According to Bishop Wolfgang Huber, Christians in Iraq face violence that is the equivalent of “ethnic cleansings and genocide in othr places.”

Bishop Huber and Catholic officials are urging their government to grant up to 30,000 aslym places for Christians fleeing Iraq. Ironically, the Christians being forced to leave Iraq trace their ancestry back over a thousand years, centuries before there even was a Muslim religion. Now, they must leave as a result of George Bush’s misguided, incompetent invasion which gave no thought to its impact upon Christianity in that nation.

Christians and Muslims Fight In Egypt

One of the most unreported stories from the Middle East is the Christian presence in that region of the world. About 10% of Egypt’s 70 million inhabitants are Coptic Christians whose presence in Egypt predates the arrival of the Muslim religion. Although, historically, they have lived in peace with Muslim neighbors, there is increasing evidence of a rise in tensions. This week in the town of Isna in southern Egypt, Muslim rioters attacked Coptic Christians claiming that some Coptic men had pulled down the veil of a Muslim woman. Rioters attacked Coptic owned stores and smashed windows in a church. Last week Muslims went on a rampage over stories that some Coptic Christian men had raped a Muslim girl in a pharmacy. The store was sacked and dozens of people were hurt in the demonstrations.

The American media has generally ignored the Christian story in the Middle East. About 70% of the 1,000,000 Christians in Iraq have fled the country out of fear of being attacked by Shiite or Sunni militants. Many leaders of the Palestine movement were Christians but it is rare today to find any among top ranks of the Palestinian Authority. Ironically, an American initiated invasion of Iraq by a man who claims to be a devout Christian is partially responsible for the rise in anger toward Christians and their departure from Iraq.