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Admiral Mullen–Frustration And Hope

Admiral Mike Mullen who commands US forces in Iraq expressed hope the recent surge has proved successful in reducing the pace of terrorism, but there has not been a matching effort on the part of Iraqi political leaders to create a viable government that includes all sectors of society. President Bush noted, “The more successful we are the more American troops can return home,” but many experts believe the more successful are American military efforts, the more pressure is being exerted on Iraqi political leaders to step up and act in a decisive manner. Admiral Mullen commented that despite military success the future is “difficult to predict” because of so many variables. He is particularly “frustrated with the pace of political reconciliation at the central, senior level.”

In a sense, good news increases the possibility of poor results. As American troops clamp down on terrorists, the pressure on the Iraqi government to do something becomes even more intense. Unfortunately, the Iraqi leaders equivocate when they should act with determination to create a government including all sectors of Iraqi society.