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US Troops Could Be Prosecuted In Iraq

A draft security agreement being negotiated between the United States and Iraq calls for American troops to evacuate Iraq cities by June of next year and dealt with issues pertaining to the treatment of soldiers being charged with a crime. Under a compromise that has been agreed upon, American military officials would have the primary right to try troops and Pentagon contractors for alleged offenses on American bases or during military operations. It is the assumption of American officials that this would ensure soldiers who kill or wound civilians during a military operation would not be tried in Iraqi courts.

Reality is few of the 147,000 American troops ever leave their base and mix with Iraqis in social relations. The agreement also gives Iraq greater control over certain aspects of military operations such authorizing the detention of Iraqi civilians. The compromise certainly comes across as fair and protective to both sides.

Surge Is Working Claims Secretary Rice

Secetary of State Condoleezza Rice met with Iraq’s foreign minister to share what they regard as the good news of the military surge which she insists has reduced violence in Iraq. Rice believes reducing violence has set the stage for long term economic and social ties between the United States and Iraq. Despite a drop in US deaths, Rice admitted there has yet to be sufficient progress in establishing political and economic institutions which can bring stability to the Iraqi people.

The entire issue of “lasting Iraqi ties” is complex. In reality, outside of oil, what exactly would the US seek in economic terms from an independent Iraq? The future of Iraq, for the immediate time period, rests in establishing relations with other nations of their region. In light of strong religious linkages between Iraq’s Shiites and Iran’s Shiites, the economic and social ties will probably be Iran and Iraq. Sorry, Secretary Rice, we Americans have done yeomen work to help Iran gain power in Iraq.

No Bases, But Remain, Says Iraq To US

The iraq government informed the United States it would require military assistance for at least ten years, but made clear it would not grant the US military bases on an indefinite basis. Ali al-Dabbagh, emphasized, “Of course we need international support. We have security problems. For ten years our army will not be able to defend iraq. I do not think that there is a threat of an invasion of Iraq, or getting involved in a war. But, to protect Iraq’s sovereignty there must be an army to defend Iraq for the next 10 years.” However, when asked about the United States military establishing bases in Iraq, he responded: “There is no Iraqi who would accept the existence of a foreign army in this country. America is America and Iraq is Iraq.”

The people of Iraq are certainly correct that having a long term American presence raises issues concerning their own sovereignty. Unfortunately, asking the United States to remain in Iraq without adequate bases simply will not work out. However, Iraq might consider an alternative approach by asking leading Muslim nations like Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia or Iran to provide military support against internal terrorist groups which probably constitute the greatest threat in the near future. In this way, a Muslim military force can protect a Muslim society and there would not be any need of American troops. The American contribution might be in the form of supplies and equipment.