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Iraqi PM Wants Vote Recount

The Iraq election is over–for now, at least. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki who last week derided complaints from opposition parties which demanded a recount of votes cast, changed his view when it became clear his party was trailing by about 11,000 votes. He insisted there be a recount in order to prove his coalition was the winner. He asked the election commission to immediately answer the demands of political parties(mine, that is)to proceed with a manual recount in order to “protect political stability.” The commission is not willing to proceed with a national recount, but left open the door for local reviews.

The good news is how close were final vote totals between the two major competing coalitions. It proves there was a free election, but that is only the initial step for peace. Both parties for the coming years should form a coalition in order to foster stability and deal with major problems of reconstruction.