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Pullback In Iraq– Yes Or NO?

General Odierno, the top American military commander in Iraq, insists the June 30th date for pullback of US forces from urban areas will proceed as planned. He is “absolutely committed” to pulling back those troops from combat areas in Iraq cities. Under the Iraq-US security pact, American combat forces must withdraw by June 30th and all US forces should be out of Iraq by 2011. The old saying about “the best laid plans of men” might arise to be a hindrance to this wonderful plan. According to the plan, there will be no American combat missions unless requested by Iraq authorities.

Of course, the history of military withdrawals does not preclude the possibility something might arise which could prevent the Iraq mission from proceeding as scheduled. The Maliki government has so far failed to create a unity government and its Sunni minority believes that promises to integrate its fighters into the Iraq army have not been carried out. Suppose, just suppose, the Sunni fighters decided to once again resort to hit-and-run tactics including bombings in cities. Would this result in requests for American forces to return to the cities? We are asking.

Obama Weighs Alternative Withdrawal Schedule

Barack Obama campaigned for the end of an American military presence in Iraq and the speedy withdrawal of our forces. He is now president of the United States and confronted with the reality of how best to get out of the Bush mess in Iraq. Those on the left demand immediate withdrawal while those on the right see no end in sight to the American presence in Iraq. Obama during the campaign talked extensively about a 16 month departure time for US troops, but the words of October may not necessarily be able to translate into the actions of 2009. The issue is not whether American troops leave in 16 or 18 or even 22 months, but they leave in a manner that respects the territorial safety of the people of Iraq. There are over 300 US military bases in Iraq and each base must either be turned over to Iraq forces in a timely manner, of if to be destroyed, there has to be care that ammunition of bombs that might hurt people are removed from the site.

American troops will be leaving Iraq during the Obama administration. It really does not matter if they leave in 16 or 20 months as long as they are gone and an Iraq army replaces them. Let’s not repeat the last time American troops left Kuwait and left an environmental disaster in their wake. We must protect the health and safety of the people of Iraq.

Iraq Pullout-16 Months, 18, Anyone Care?

The Pentagon is prepare to present the new president a variety of plans dealing with the pullout of American forces from Iraq. Barack Obama has called for the end of American troops in Iraq by the summer of 2010 and military planners are ready to offer him a plan that would meet his timetable. Department of Defense spokesperson, Geoff Morrell, said: “they will not begin to present him with options for the way forward in iraq or Afghanistan until he is commander in chief, but they are prepared to give him a range of options as soon as he is ready.”

The debate about the withdrawal is really much ado about nothing. There are dozens of military bases in Iraq which must be either dismantled or turned over to Iraqi armed forces. There is the need to move over a 140,000 troops out of the country and headed either to the United States, Afghanistan or elsewhere. To accomplish those tasks will take time, and, any plan will undoubtedly run into unexpected circumstances. The key issue is leaving Iraq whether it be in 16 or 18 or 22 months. Do the job of getting the troops out.

Obama Vows End Guantanamo Torture, Exit Iraq!

President elect Barack Obama told a 60 Minute audience he will close down the infamous Guantanamo prison and make certain America ceases using any form of torture in the interrogation or treatment of prisoners. He referred to the blot on American principles that was implemented by the trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld as a thing of the past. “I have said repeatedly that America doesn’t torture. And I’m going to make sure that we don’t torture. Those are part and parcel of an effort to regain America’s moral stature in the world.” It is still uncertain how prisoners from Guantanamo will be treated but most probably some will be returned to their nations while others will stand trial in civil courts in America.

Obama said the US economy was his highest priority along with withdrawing US forces from Iraq as soon as possible. “I will call in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, my national security apparatus, and we will start executing a plan that draws down our troops” from Iraq.

We now live in an America which has returned to its principles of morality and democracy. It is a happy day for all Americans and the world.

Iraq Withdrawal–Who Decides And When Does It Occur?

President Bush and Prime Minister Nouri al-Malki spoke on the phone how to proceed with the planned withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. Maliki wants American forces out of major Iraq cities no later than June, 2009, and the president is hesitating about the date due to uncertainty about what will happen once major portions of US troops are no longer on site. Yesterday, there were reports a 27 point withdrawal plan had been accepted by both sides, but White House spokesman gordon Johndroe, noted: “It’s not done until it’s done. And the discussions are really ongoing. And ongoing and ongoing. But, hopefuly, drawing to a conclusion.”

Senator Barak Obama tends to support the views of the Iraq government about a fairly quick withdrawal of American forces while Senator John McCain does not want to be that specific arguing the situation in Iraq should determine when American forces depart. Unfortunately, for that viewpoint, an Iraq government increasingly feels confident it can handle things without the presence of any outside help. And, in the end, the Iraq government will have to call the shots.