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Terror Continues Against Iraq Women

The Bush invasion of Iraq has resulted in great changes within that nation, but, among the most unfortunate has been the rising mistreatment of women by radical Islamists. A few days ago, in the southern city of Basra, Iraqi police found the mutilated bodies of three young Iraqi women who most probably had committed “terrible crimes” such as going out in public or smoking a cigarette or trying to run a business in order to support a family. Two of the women had bullets in their head and one had her head cut off. Basra has witnessed droves of women who have been killed and their corpses left in garbage dumps. The killings are most probably by Islamist groups who intend to enforce their conservative way of life on the women of Iraq.

Even in Kurdish areas, women are being murdered, usually for some reason of violating family “honor” by falling in love with a man who is not liked by her family. In the process of establishing a “democracy” in Iraq, the women of the nation have lost rights they even had in Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime.

New Iraqi Insurgent Underground– Hair Salons!

A new underground movement involves women furtively seeking refuge in homes where they gather wit fellow conspirators in fighting the oppressive Islamic fundamentalist males who believe women caring for their hair or personal appearance is a violation of their religion. A few years ago in the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s overthrow, hair salons were thriving just as they had under the regime of Saddam, but the installation of Islamic leaders led to the suppression of this feminist desire for beauty. Islamic extremists will not allow women to appear beautiful in public and beginning two years ago, many salons were blown up, several hair stylists killed, and others forced to close their shops. These same religious fanatics have also targeted liquor stores, barbershops and churches.

A Turkish reporter visited one of the salons where stylist Kifah, commented: “See this salon? It’s never been empty, nor through the Iraq-Iran war, the Gulf war, or this war. Women are women, they always want to look good.” She will not allow her full name to be revealed, citing the case two weeks ago in the city of Mosul when gunmen stormed the home of a woman who was running an underground hair salon and killed her. Last year, extremists blew up the beauty shop of Umm Doha who commented that two other salons were also destroyed in the same attack. She now operates out of her home as do many other hair stylists.

We Americans made Iraq free. We gave them freedom to abuse women, to drive Christians from their nation, and to install fundamentalist thugs who roam the streets of major cities intimidating women. In Basra, the police chief estimates over 40 women have ben killed in the past two years for their inappropriate “attire.” Such are the benefits of the Bush program for democracy.