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The Killing Goes On And On In Iraq

Six years ago American troops swept through Iraq and former President George Bush announced to the world the United States was bringing peace and democracy to the backward people of Iraq. But, all Iraqis have endured is six years of killing and bombing and torture and death. On Saturday, Shiite Muslims were leaving a mosque near Kirkuk when the sound of an explosion ripped through the air leaving seventy dead people and over 200 wounded. It was another round in the conflict between Shiites and Sunnis and al-Qaeda and Iraqis. The truck was parked across the street from the mosque and most probably waited until enough people were leaving before being blown up. Shiites are complaining there were not enough guards around the mosque. No one assumed responsibility for the bombing but it had the earmarks of an al-Qaeda operation.

The United States only has ten days left before its troops must evacuate Iraqi cities. Will their departure result in fewer or more such bombings? Is it simply too late to alter this ongoing outburst of hate and violence or must it continue running its course? The future alone knows.