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Betrayal Of Iraqis By Blair And Bush

In the days after US and British troops destroyed the regime of Saddam Hussein, thousands of Iraqis celebrated the new dream of a nation free from oppression and dictatorial rule. Thousands of Iraqis volunteered their talents to assist the invaders because they thought it would lead to creation of a democratic Iraq. Little did they realize the act of providing aid and assistance to the invaders was, in effect, a death sentece that would be carried out by Shiite or Sunni extremists. Sami Faleh Mohammed took up an offer from British forces and worked for them as a translator in 2004. Two years later he was murdered. This week his widow, Suhad Jssim Mohammed, initiated legal action against the British government on ground they failed to provide her husband protection even though they knew he had placed his life at risk in order to support British efforts at peace in Iraq.

On Monday, August 14, 2006, after completing his shift at British headquarters, Sami drove home only to be ambushed, taken from his car, and killed. His widow claims the British military should have taken greater precautions to protect her husband, but they allowed him to drive to his death without any support from those he served. She quotes a letter sent to her husband: “I am fully aware that our association with the Multi National Force(MNF) is dangerous… In order to have stability in the region, we must have support. I would ask that you continue to show up for all your daily taskings. You should also report any intimidation which you experience to your respective line managers. We will do what we can to minimize the effects of terrorists and criminals who stand in your way.”

The widow received $5,000 and a thank you. The thousands of Iraqis who worked for the invading armies have never received priority for immigration to Britain or the United States. Sweden currently has opened its doors to more refugees from Iraq than either the United States or Great Britain. At the least, those who worked and then died in the so-called “crusade for freedom” are entitled to have their families allowed to freely migrate to the United States and Britain. Perhaps, when this minimal action of common decency is carried out, President Bush can finally boast, “Mission Accomplished.”