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Iraqis For Obama Not McCain

Barack Obama is discovering a new constituency in the streets of Iraqi cities as most Iraqis appear to regard him as their favorite in the upcoming presidential election. Mustafa Salah, an office worker worker in Basra, exclaimed with passion, ” I support Obama. I think he is the best thing for Iraq and the world. If McCain wins, I will be devastated.” In a dozen interviews, Iraqi citizens told reporters from the Reuters news agency they much prefer Barack Obama over his opponent John McCain. Hisham Fadhi, a doctor in the northern city of Kirkuk, expressed the view of many when he commented: “He(Obama) is much better than others because he is black and black people were tyrannized in America. I think he will feel our suffering.”

Iraqis most probably are divided over Obama’s plan to withdraw American troops since they are now enjoying a few weeks of peace as the surge has made al-Qaeda forces retreat from many urban areas. Kamiran Mohammed Said, who recently was on a study trip in America noted: “I found Democrats are more peaceful and avoid wars.” But, undoubtedly, many shared the view of Abdul-Mahdi Hadi, a teacher who commented: “For the moment, I’m thinking about getting enough electricity.” First things first.