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Is Bell Tolling For Taliban?

The Taliban was a creation during the 1990s of the Pakistan secret service, the ISI which was interested in extending the influence of their nation into Afghanistan. Little did they realize the Frankenstein they had invented would one day come back to haunt them in their native land. It has taken years for the Pakistan military to finally realize the monster they created is now interested in devouring its creator. As Pakistan armed forces fight their way into the Swat Valley in order to eliminate Taliban insurgents, the Taliban is reacting with a series of bombing attacks on Pakistan cities. The Taliban in Pakistan is claiming responsibility for the bombings in Lahore which killed 30 and wounded over 200 people. The militants threw grenades into the offices of the police and a top intelligence agency as well as exploding a van .

The ironic aspect of this assault is sad. The Taliban are now directly attacking the security agency which gave it birth. New Taliban groups are springing up all over Pakistan and it is finally dawning on the people of Pakistan that the United States is not their enemy, but their own people are their enemy.

Zardari Wants Drones But Will He Use Them?

President Asif Zardari told the British newspaper, The Independent, that his nation should be provided drones and other missiles by the United States in order to allow Pakistan to take the initiative in the war against extremists. “We would much prefer that the US share its intelligence and give us the drones and missiles that will allow us to take care of the problem on our own.” In his view the use of drones by American forces to hit targets in Pakistan violates the national sovereignty of his nation. Even as he spoke Taliban forces were leaving the Swat Valley and entering new areas of the country to spread their terror. According to Zardari, Pakistan is ready to take up Obama’s challenge and act on their own against the Taliban.

We can only wonder if the Pakistan president has checked in with his secret intelligence, the ISI who works hand-in-hand with the Taliban. Exactly how can the Pakistan army take out the Taliban if every move on their part is being revealed to the enemy. First, Zardari has to clean house and make certain his military leaders are on the same page as the president. After all, they have already turned the Swat Valley over to the Taliban.

Is Pakistan The Problem, Not The Solution?

India’s Prime Minister Mammohan Singh in a blunt statement blamed problems in the region on Pakistan and its refusal to end terrorist groups within its boundaries. He said the Pakistan government was either “unable” or “unwilling” to control the Pakistan-based Islamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba which was behind the Mumbai attack and has been involved in other such assaults against Pakistan and American forces. “We all know the epicenter of terrorism in the world today is Pakistan. The world community has to come to grips with this reality.”

Patrick Cockburn in a recent article raises the question as to whether Pakistan support for terrorist groups is really an attempt to keep violence operating because as long as there are terrorist groups, the United States will be sending billions to Pakistan. Pakistan uses these terror groups to stir up violence in Kashmir and ending terrorism does not benefit the Pakistan military. They undoubtedly are still aiding the Taliban because if the Karzai government collapses and the Taliban seizes power, the infamous ISI of Pakistan will be in the driver’s seat.

Death And Destruction In Pakistan

It was Friday evening prayers in the mosque in Jamrud which is located near Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan. The imam said in a loud voice, “God is Great” and within seconds the sounds of an explosion echoed through the building and within moments, at least 40 were dead(estimates are this figure will rise to 70) and dozens more were wounded. No group took credit–or blame– for the suicide bombing and it is still a mystery as to why anyone would want to blow up the mosque as people were engaged in praying. No one knows who did the deed. The area is a stronghold of al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

The explosion came just as President Obama was sending more troops to Afghanistan and pledging to wipe out the Taliban and al-Qaeda from both that nation and in Pakistan. It is a noble hope, but is it realistic? The Pakistan military and its infamous intelligence service, the ISI, is actively engaged in working with the Taliban and other militant groups. So far, there is absolutely no evidence, despite years of warnings and threats, that the ISI will cooperate in destroying what it created. Exactly how will “more” American troops result in a different outcome?

By the way, what exactly is the “Obama plan” to deal with Pakistan’s military? Does anyone know? Unless the Pakistan military ceases assisting the Taliban, any military effort is doomed to failure.

India, Pakistan And Afghanistan

Patrick Cockburn, in a fascinating analysis as to what really is happening in Afghanistan connects several dots which explain why the new American “surge” will have limited impact, but, in the end, leave things very much as they are. Cockburn argues the surge will stabilize the erosion of Afghan government power and restore a bit more ability of ordinary citizens to go on with their lives, but, the “Taliban is never going to be defeated so long as it has its bases in the Pushtun swat inside north-western Pakistan.” American troops can attack, they can wipe out Taliban bases, they can harass and impede supplies, but this will not prevent the Taliban from hopping across the border to sanctuary inside Pakistan.

Cockburn argues the issues central to the problem of the Taliban have nothing to do with Afghanistan and much more to do with Pakistan military needs for allies in its confrontation with India. The Pakistan military regards India and the unresolved problem of Kashmir as the most important problem they must always consider in terms of their own survival. As long as there is fighting in Afghanistan, then America must pay attention to the needs of Pakistan. “This, in turn, gives Pakistan leverage over the US to prevent the Americans going too far in supporting India.”

The Cockburn thesis raises some interesting questions concerning priorities. The current American surge is designed to prop up the crumbling regime of President Karzai of Afghanistan, but the more support he receives from America, the less he is regarded as a force inside his own nation. If Cockburn is correct, the focus of American effort should be on assisting Pakistan and India from resolving their problems. If the threat of India is resolved, then Pakistan military leaders would be more inclined to focus on destroying the Taliban.

Anyone in the Obama administration reading about this thesis?

When Will Pakistan Get Serious About Terrorism?

The United States over the past several years has been engaged in wars against terrorist groups in Afghanistan while at the same time claiming that Pakistan is a friend and supporter. Of course, the Pakistan Intelligence service, the ISI, helped create the Taliban as well as other terrorist groups but American presidents continue insisting we have to work with those who create terrorism in order to destroy terrorism. The man accused of being the lone survivor of the terrorist attack in Mumbai which resulted in the death of dozens of people in India now admits he came from Pakistan. Pakistan denied for weeks there was any connection from its nation to these attacks and that Ajmal Kasab had nothing to do with its own Intelligence service.

The reality is that the Taliban would not exist but for the Pakistan ISI and the United States continues working with those who support the Taliban on the assumption that if you cooperate with the friends of the Taliban somehow it is beneficial. There is something wrong with this approach. Isn’t it time for Obama to come up with some new ideas regarding Pakistan and the Taliban?

Pakistan Is To Blame Says India Prime Minister!

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh presented some blunt comments to the government of Pakistan by refusing to mince words when he said its government must have had a role in the Mumbai terrorist attack by training those who carried out the operation. Although he stopped short of saying the prime minister of Pakistan either planned or knew about the attack, it was clear the patience of the Indian government has run out and it wants action on the part of Pakistan to halt further terror attacks in India. On Monday, the Indian government presented to Pakistan a dossier of evidence which proved that Lashkr-e-Toiba militants most probably received training and arms from some branch of the Pakistan military. “There is enough evidence(in the dossier) to sow that, given the sophistication and military precision of the attack, it must have hd the support of some official agencies in Pakistan.”

Although no agency was mentioned it was clear the prime minister was referring to Pakistan’s controversial secret service, the ISI which originally organized the Taliban and has worked with other terrorist groups in order to foster hate and violence toward India.

Naturally, Pakistan insists India is jumping the gun and making charges before the investigation is finished. The problem is no agency exists in Pakistan which could conduct an honest investigation of its own secret service.

Pakistan Pledges Cooperation With India

Pakistan’s leadership decided to make a serious effort to establish positive relations with India by promising to share Intelligence information, cooperate with Indian investigations of the Mumbai tragedy and offered to form a joint commission which would coordinate anti-terrorist activities. Prime Minister Gilani ordered all government agencies to work with Indian investigators. The still unanswered question is what will be done about the Inter-Services Intelligence agency which has done more to foster terrorist groups in Pakistan than any other organization.

Everyone knows the ISI most probably played a role in the Mumbai tragedy by providing training and weapons to the men who carried out the raid. Pakistan’s government can claim it did not know about any attack, but when the ISI supplies material, a base and training what exactly did they think would happen?

Pakistan Terrorists Win The Battle Of Mumbai!

After ten men held an Indian city hostage to terrorism, they were finally subdued, but not before their goal of disrupting both Pakistan and India had been achieved. Indian officials announced that it was raising security to a “war level”which naturally secured a Pakistan response that it was pulling troops away from tribal regions in order to man defenses on the frontier with India. Although the situation is not as tense as 2002 when both nations came close to an armed conflict, Indian political leaders are bound to raise the fear of an outside aggression in order to secure votes in upcoming elections. The Home Minister has been fired and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is promising to upgrade the capabilities of special forces as well as expand the number of those troops.

Secretary Rice and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband will soon by headed towards India and Pakistan in an effort to reduce tensions. India has not yet claimed the Pakistan government had a hand in the Mumbai massacre, but it is clear a Pakistan-based group, Lashkar-e-Toiba played a prominent role in the entire operation. It is also clear that group has links to the Pakistan ISI organization.

It is amazing that ten men can come close to creating a war between two nations. It is important for the Pakistan government to clean up the infamous ISI including firing most of its leadership if there is ever to be trust in the Pakistan government.

Mumbai Attacks Threaten Pakistan-India Relations

The horror of Mumbai which continues as gun men still are fighting in the hotels they seized will not go away even after every one of the terrorists are placed in prison. The government of India is furious because it believes at least elements of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Agency(ISI) either knew about the proposed raids or actively assisted those involved in the attacks. President Zardari insists he opposes terrorism, but the more important question is does he control his own secret service whose actions in the past by organizing and funding the Taliban and helping al-Qaeda are ongoing points of anger within many countries of the world. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh blamed “external forces” as the cause of terror in Mumbai and everyone knows he meant, Pakistan, as the “external forces.”

There is obviously need for President Zaradari to appoint an important military leader whose first task is to disband the ISI and then create a new intelligence agency which reports to the government, not to military officials. Until the ISI is brought under control there will be no trust from India or other nations of the world. The Taliban-al Qaeda links must be ended, once and for all.