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Egyptian Minister Denounces Fundamentalist Preachers

Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzug, Egptian Minister for Religious Endowments(Waqfs), ripped into fundamentalist preachers who use satellite television in order to shift focus of religion from important human issues to those which deal with the unimportant such as what to wear. He said these preachers focus in insignificant issues “such as niqab(full face veil) which some of them say must cover all a woman’s face, including her eyes and eyelashes and, unfortunately, this has promoted niqab largely in Egypt.” He said his Waqfs Ministery would soon issue a book entitled: “Niqab, a habit, not a worship” which contains viewpoints and opinions of Al Azhar Grand Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawi, and other senior clerics concerning the legitimacy of niqab and its illegitimacy.

He emphasized his own Ministry would not resort to using satellite TV because it does not wish to come across as a government channel that seeks to impose its will on people. He emphasized that Islam does not order humans to stop enjoying life delights or order them to wear certain uniforms restricting their freedoms. Islam is not a mere list of taboos, said Zaqzug.