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War Games In Washington, Political Games In Pakistan

Political confusion continues in Pakistan as opposition parties explore their alternatives in the January election for a new parliament. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned President Musharraf for “blindly’ obeying American orders on what to do in Pakistan. He said the decision whether or not to have his party boycott the elections on grounds it would not be conducted fairly awaits further discussion with Benazir Bhutto and her Pakistan People’s Party. The Punjab leader, Chaudhry Perez, expects Musharraf to nominate him to be the new prime minister and he pledged to make certain Musharraf played a key role in his administration. He envisions a troika leadership comprised of himself, Musharraf and army chief Ashfaq Kayani. Meanwhile there are reports the American military last year war gamed what to do in case Pakistan entered into a chaotic condition and concluded there would be need for US forces to seize control of nuclear facilities. According to Marine Colonel gary Anderson who participated in the war game, the bottom line of a nightmare scenario is having “nukes” in the hands of “Islamic extremists.”

Perhaps, another nightmare scenario is having US troops fight their way into control of Pakistan nuclear facilities.