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Indonesian Government Turns Down Radicals

Calmer voices in the Indonesian government have rejected calls from Islamic militants for the dispatch of Indonesian troops to Gaza. The Foreign Ministry argued the last thing needed in the Middle East was for outside nations to become involved by sending troops to fight in a war that is rapidly getting out of hand. A number of hardline groups, including the Islam Defenders Front(FPI) have said they were ready to send volunteers to Gaza under the banner of jihad nd wanted government support for their effort. Foreign Minister Hassan Wrayuda responded: “Is conducting a jihad effective? We must ask Gaza if that’s what they need, and most probably they don’t…So far sending jihadists isn’t an option.”

The president of Indonesia Suslilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Israel attacks on Gaza had nothing to do with religion and regarded it as a clash of territory between Palestine and Israel which makes clear that religion plays no role in the conflict. He urged calm and said since Indonesia was a pluralistic society it could help play a role in mediating the dispute.

Who Caused Deaths In Somalia?

Somalia is to Africa what Afghanistan has become to Asia, a center of turmoil, destruction, bombings, and murder of innocent people. North Somali authorities arrested a local sheikh who is suspected of being behind this week’s rash of bombings that rocked the nation and killed dozens. The United States believes al-Qaeda was behind the bombings while most Somali authorities blame local Islamic militants. Medical staff at a hospital blamed recent killings on Somali and Ethiopian soldiers. The horror of the entire death and destruction is the lack of any group or nation which can find a way out of the madness that has become Somalia.

The UN is trying to broker some sort of peace but there is no indication local Somalian Islamic groups have any interest in accepting peace. It is estimated over 10,000 people have been killed since the first of the year and there is not doubt another 10,000 will die next year.

Islamic Militants Set Off Blasts In New Dehli

In the simplistic world view of Bush, McCain and his ignorant side-kick, Sarah Palin, there is such as thing as “victory” in current struggles occurring in the Middle East and Asia. The past few days have witnessed a series of bombings in New Dehli which have caused the death of at least 21 and the wounding of over a 100. A group who calls itself, the Indian Mujahedin, claims responsibility for the bombings and promises there are more to come as part of its struggle against India. An email sent by them contained expressions such as “eye for eye,” or “the dust will not settle.”

The world is witnessing a chaotic situation which arises from ongoing Indian-Pakistan issues over Kashmir and clashes between religious fundamentalists in both nations. The Bush Republicans somehow believe these issues will come to an end with a “victory.” These concerns are linked to long term work in the area of economic, social and political efforts to create conditions which ensure a decent life for people. The resolution of topics such as Kahsmir require a give and take on the part of both sides. There, most probably, will never be a “victory” in the forseeable future, but there can be conditions of peace and security which result in shoving militants off to the side.

Islamic Militants Fighting In Western China

The arrival of the Olympic Games is not merely an opportunity for the Chinese government to display its power and might, but a golden chance for Islamic militants in western areas to let the world know of their existence. A wave of suicide bombing and police shooting left several people dead in the Xinjian Uighur region of China. A group of militants attacked police forces in Kuqa killing police and destroying police vehicles. In the subsequent fighting, three militants blew themselves up. The entire area has now been cordoned off and business is at a standstill.

A few days ago, the previously unknown Turkistan islamic party warned the Chinese government it was prepared to attack planes, trains and buses in their effort to end foreign rule over their region. Chinese authorities continue insisting the Uighur rebels are a threat to the Olympic Games but there is little evidence to support this claim. They are almost two thousand miles away and most probably lack supporters in Beijing who could be of assistance in committing terrorist acts.

There is an element of paranoia within the Chinese government. Over 100,000 troops are in the Beijing area in order to prevent disturbances. There is little likelihood of any major disturbance during the Games.

German Government Fears Terror Attack

Germany has among the largest Muslim society in Europe which has caused concern that among these millions a few terrorists will emerge to create terror within the nation. German authorities have uncovered evidence from the Islamic Jihad Union, a group that has been monitored for years, of possible upcoming attacks within Germany. An important member of the group is Eric B. who has been the object of an extensive search. He is seen in a video, which depicts a suicide bomber trained by the group, who blow himself up in Afghanistan and kills American soldiers. Eric B. also has close ties with the Sauerland Cell which has trained suicide bombers for action in Afghanistan.

No society can prevent suicide bombers from doing damage. Obviously, the best strategy is avoiding these incidents. Germany for years has not done enough to end prejudice in its country or to absorb young Muslims into high tech occupations or in positions where they can feel a sense of belonging and power. A preventive approach may well, in the end, prove more effective than only relying on police operations.

Pakistan Will Protect Sovereignty Against US Or Others

Pakistan’s Foreigtn Minister Shah Mehmod Qureshi, made clear his nation’s determination to defend its soveriegnty in face of a recent American attack on Taliban bases inside Pakistan. He emphasized his nation would not allow sanctuaries to exist within Pakistan but also emphasized, “this is our country and we have to protect its sovereignty.” The Foreign Office said it was not negotiating with the Taliban nor with al-Qaeda but was essentially focusing on “holding peace talks with the Mehsud and other tribes to bring peace to the region.”

The Bush administration has to recognize that dramatic changes are taking place in Pakistan and a new government is seeking new solutions to the volatile northwest region of the country. They feel extreme pressure to resolve fighting so their nation can get on with issues of national development.

Pakistan Government Pacifies Militants

Pakistan’s new government is attempting a different approach in dealing with the volatile regions of the northwest part of the nation. It has agreed to allow judges to consider advisce from Islamic scholars in court cases. The decision marked a concession in peace talks aimed at resolving conflicts with Islamic militants who control areas around the border with Afghanistan. Provincial officials negotiated with representatives of the militant leader, Maulana Faziullah by endeavoring to satisfy their demands for a more Islamic approach to dealing with societal issues.

Pakistan government officials insisted, “there will be the same courts like anywhere in Pakistan, headed by normal civil and district judges.” So far peace talks with Fazilullah have brought about a cease fire. The question is whether the cease fire will lead to a longer term resolution of conflicts or will it be used to retool militants.

Sunni Militants Vow Action Against US Over Gaza

A coalition of five Sunni militant groups issued a joint statement which promises to increase attacks on American troops because of US support of Israel’s policies in the Gaza strip. The announcement by the “Iraqi Resistance Campaign To Help Gaza” appeared on the Internet. It described American and Israel leaders as “war ciminals” and promised the people of Gaza that help would shortly arrive promising although they were fighting “the enemies of God in Iraq, this will not deter from helping our brothers(Palestinians) because the enemy is one and the victim is one.”

This announcement should not be surprising because Muslim miilitants seek to create anger within the American army against Israel. They want US soldiers to believe if one of them is killed it all stems from Israel actions in Gaza. The situation in Gaza must be resolved and if it is, Islamic militants will still be fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Benazir Bhutto Nearly Killed As Over Hundred Die

Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan after years in exile only to encounter a scene of horror as her motorcade was blasted by two bombs. As 150,000 cheered, a small explosion followed by a larger explosion ripped cars to pieces and sent bodies flying in every direction. At least a 108 dead and over 150 wounded, many of them now in critical condition. Bhutto is hated by Muslim extremists because she has been a supporter of the Bush Iraq war. As she descended from the plane, security urged her to use a helicopter but the defiant former prime minister responded: “I am not scared. I am thinking of my mission. this is a moment for democracy because we are under threat from extremists and militants.” A few moments later the accuracy of her comments was demonstrated in a cloud of smoke.