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Tragedy Looms In Somalia

A humanitarian crisis akin to Darfur is now probable in the nation of Somalia. Under impetus from President Bush, and with support from US naval and air forces, Ethiopian troops invaded that nation and crushed an Islamic government resulting in further chaos within a nation that has known only chaos for twenty years. Christian Ethiopian troops are clashing with an Islamic society. The UN’s humanitarian co-ordinator, Christtian Balslev-Olesen says there are “reports of house-to-house searches and large scale detention by Ethiopian troops which
have “created a climate of fear among the population not witnessed before.” Ethiopian troops and Islamic insurgents were engaged in three major battles over the weekend that left about 100 civilians injured. At least 46,000 have fled Mogadishu and there is lack of food and water and medical services for the refugees.

The world is living with another Bush folly, the invasion of Somalia by Christian Ethiopian troops who destroyed a fundamentalist Islamic government. Bush is absorbed in the ‘fight against terrorism” that he fails to grasp long-term implications of his actions. In the coming months thousands of innocent people may again die because President Bush committed another mistake due to his inability to be sensitive to Muslim needs and aspirations.

Pakistan Suicide Bomber Misses Musharraf

Pakistan police halted a suicide bomber less than a quarter of a mile from where President Musharraf was staying. As they approached the man, he panicked and tried running away, but when police got closer, he blew himself up. At least 8 were killed and 40 wounded, including police, women and children. Last week, Pakistan troops attacked a stronghold of a radical cleric in the northwestern district o Swat that resulted in at least a hundred being killed. President Musharraf is now living with the results of Pakistan policies for over a decade to support the Taliban in Afghanistan and encourage radical Islamic elements all over Asia. No doubt it is much easier initiating violence than turning off the spigot of bombing and death.

Benazir Bhutto vowed to continue her campaign to regain the position of prime minister despite suicide attacks upon her by Islamic radicals. Sh insists a “democratic government is better equipped” to fight extremism than a semi-dictatorship such as that of Musharraf. One can only hope she is correct.