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Ethiopian Troops Begin Leaving Somalia

Two years ago, George Bush exerted pressure on the government of Ethiopia to invade Somalia and crush an Islamic government which had obtained power in the dissolving nation of Somalia. The American media did not inform the public that US planes and warships played an active role assisting the invasion of a Muslim nation by Christian troops from Ethiopia. The past two years have witnessed renewed fighting by Islamic forces against the hated “Ethiopian foreigner” which has resulted in a complete collapse of the Somalia government which was installed by the United States and Ethiopian troops. Ethiopian troops are now moving out of Mogadishu and turning over police stations and other facilities to Islamists who are allied to Sheikh Shariff. The withdrawals are part of a compromise agreement that was brokered by the UN in order to have some form of government in existence within the nation.

As Ethiopian forces march out of Somalia renewed fighting has broken out between rival Islamist groups each of whom seeks to take over the government. The Ethiopian government promised not to leave a power vacuum but that hope is disintegrating as groups clash with one another in a mad scramble for power. President Yusuf is resigning as clans vie for control of the capital.

In a word, the situation is a –mess. This is simply another botched effort by George Bush to carry out his insane ideas to bring “democracy” to a region. It is one thing to believe in democracy, it is another not to have a clue regarding power groups in a nation before one interferes with the power arrangement.

Back in Ethiopia, the government still arrests dissidents who dare to question their authority. Birtukan Midekssa, head of the Democratic Justice Party has been imprisoned because she dared to challenge government views. The US Embassy expressed regret at her imprisonment but President Bush apparently did not see any reason to exert his influence to protect democracy in Ethiopia.