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Bush Legacy In Somalia Lives On After His Departure

Two years ago, President Bush in his quest to “spread democracy” exerted pressure on the government of Christian Ethiopia to invade Muslim Somalia and destroy its government. The invasion of Christians roused the anger of large segments of the Somalia population, and within months the Ethiopians were bogged down in guerrilla warfare. After two years of constant fighting and few success stories, the Ethiopians departed and went home. However, they left behind chaos as Islamist groups vied for power. The end result is that Muslim groups who are sympathetic to al-Qaeda are now gearing up to assume power — or what passes for power– in Somalia.

The other day, Somalia Islamist groups beheaded seven men who were charged with abandoning their religion and had assisted foreign groups to gain power in their country. Fighting rages in the capital as various Muslim groups seek to destroy the others and gain power.

One can only wonder what President Bush back in Texas thinks about the mess he helped to create in another country.

Cry The Beloved Country Of Somalia

Americans continually cite the impact of 9/11 on their nation and the need to address concerns about terrorism. But, few pundits who are so willing to shout and declaim about the need to defeat international terrorism deal with the impact of American actions on nations of the world. Two years ago, President Bush encouraged Christian Ethiopia to invade Somalia and overthrow an Islamist government in the name of ending terrorism. Fast forward three years and the Ethiopians are gone, the Americans pretend they had nothing to do with violence in Somalia, and the people of that unfortunate nation are trapped in a vicious civil war between Islamist factions.

During the past several weeks hundreds have been killed in Mogadishu and over a hundred thousand forced to flee for their lives as Islamist factions kill one another and any civilian who gets in their way. Of course, George Bush is chopping wood in Texas and Dick Cheney is picking up thousands for his speeches, but the fruit of their intrigue has turned rotten.

Somali Islamists Stone Woman To Death In Public

Somali Islamists who were driven from power two years ago, made clear to the people of Somalia they had not budged from their medieval views by stoning to death a woman who was charged with adultery. The 23 year-old woman, wearing a green veil and black mask, was placed in a hole up to her neck as hundreds watched in a square in the southern port of Kismayu which Islamist forces had captured last summer. Stones were hurled at her head until she died. Some of her relatives at one point surged forward and guards fired at them and in the process killed a child.

A local resident said the Islamists claimed she had willingly submitted herself to their judgement, but witnesses said she was screaming when she arrived at the execution site. Her sister was furious saying, “the stoning was totally irreligious and illogical. Islam does not execute a woman for adultery unless four witnesses and the man with whom she committed sex are brought forward publicly.”

There are no reports of any man being brought forward or executed. Medieval minds carried out their brutality and broke their own religious laws.

Who Was Behind Attack On Benazir Bhutto In Pakistan?

Ahmed Rashid, writing from Pakistan told Der Spiegel there were rumors circulating concerning who was behind the bombings at Benazir Bhutto’s return which left at least 120 dead. Although, she was told by the nation’s security there was a risk of violence if she had an open parade, Bhutto insisted on showing herself to adoring crowds. “She had to show the whole country that she had many supporters and followers,” says Rashid. She was also sending a message to President Musharraf that she had greater popularity among the masses of Pakistanis. Rashid says it is unclear who was behind the bombings, but “there is speculation that the attack was not carried out by Islamists, but by certain groups within the regime who don’t want Bhutto in the country.” Although over 20,000 soldiers were sent to protect the parade, many of them came from the provinces where there is intense dislike of Bhutto.

The bombings undoubtedly will impact the election process. Many people will avoid attending political events fearing their lives might be endangered. This means less open political discussion in Pakistan. An outside observer might raise a simple question: who benefits by lack of political discussion? President Musharraf is not the most popular person to many Pakistanis and he most probably benefits by reducing opportunities for open and frank discussion.