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Textbook Wars Rage Between South Korea And Japan

Japan is among the world’s leading economic powers in the world and its people rank among the top in education, but failure on the part of Japan’s Education Ministry has held the nation up to ridicule. The people of China and Korea are particularly concerned over the refusal of Japanese educators to present the brutality of the Japanese armed forces in their nations during World War II. The latest episode of South Korean anger emerged with publication of a new Japanese textbook which describes the islets of Dokdo as being part of the Japanese nation.

The anger stems not in itself about the islands, but arises from a consistent inability on the part of Japanese educators to present an objective picture of what happened during World War II. Many South Koreans urged their government to take a tough stance on the issue of the islands. South Korean Song Jae-wook said: “It is the right thing to be ‘future oriented’ and leave behind the past, but in reality, looking back n what we and or parent’s generation have gone through with Japan, the government should know what should be done in reality.”

The Japanese Ministry of Education might well spend time in Germany and learn how that nation has done an outstanding job of confronting evil and ensuring contemporary youth learn the truth about the past.