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Iran Not Afraid Of Possible Israel Attack!

The Iranian government believes Israel’s ill-fated attack in Lebanon last year has weakened the nation and made it unable to carry out any large scale attack on other countries. “Israel is in no position to attack,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Manocher Mottaki. He believes the entire media discussion about a possible Israel attack is simply a maneuver by the United States and Israel to divert attention away from serious domestic issues confronting their governments. His remarks came a day after the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said any attack on his nation would result in closing the Gulf to oil shipments and retaliation against any nation participating in hostile action.

The Iranians believe they are being hit by a clever psychological warfare gambit by President Bush and Prime Minister Olmert who face the reality they are not viewed in a favorable light by most of their nation. A war with Iran might be able to shift attention from their leadership problems onto Iran. It’s a theory that has some reality to it.