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Israel Military Chief Urges Talks With Iran

The Bush approach to the Middle East was founded in war and lies resulting in difficulty for nations in the region to seriously engage in dealing with regional issues. Israel’s Military Intelligence chief, General Amos Yadlin, gave voice to new ideas of dealing with conflict by urging his nation to engage in talks with Iranian leaders because “dialogue is not appeasement.” He pointed out the recent drop in oil prices has been devastating to the Iranian government which depends on oil revenues to dole out money to disaffected segments of their society. Oil revenue has now dropped in half creating a serious monetary short fall which will increase anger in Iran. According to Yadlin, “Iran will do anything not to be cornered into the position of Iraq or North Korea. Iran is also very susceptible to international pressure because of the crisis”(drop in oil revenues).

The election of Barack Obama is opening new doors to conflict resolution in the region. Yadlin notes the end of the Bush regime has been greeted “with a sigh of relief in the Middle East with cautious hope for peace.” As the famous WWII British leader, Winston Churchill used to say, “jaw, jaw, not war, war.” It is time for all interested parties to come to a bargaining table prepared to bargain and compromise.