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McCain Trip To Bountiful Photos In Iraq

Senator John McCain who has wrapped up the nomination for president in the Republican party made another trip to Iraq which he termed as being designed to obtain further facts. He assured reporters his visit to Baghdad had nothing to do with politics but was strictly intended to obtain first hand information about the famous surge which he supported last year. McCain has raised concerns militants fear his victory in the November elections and may try to influence the outcome by accelerating their use of violence in order to discredit the success of the Bush surge program. “Yes, I worry about it. And I know they(militants) pay attention because of the intercepts we have of their communications.”

Senator McCain’s election in November would be warmly welcomed by every terrorist in Iraq and the Middle East because it ensures continuation of Bush policies that for five years have failed to achieve any policy objectives related to creation of a stable and effective government in Iraq. McCain indicated he would go to Israel but there was no indication he would meet with Palestinian leaders or members of groups like Hamas. If Senator McCain understood anything about the Middle East he would grasp the importance of speaking with ALL interested parties, not just those who represent a particular point of view.

One can only wonder if the main reason for the trip was obtaining some nice photos of McCain talking with Israel leaders that just might be of use in a political campaign.