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Palestinian Attack Linked To Police

The shooting deaths of two Israel soldiers who were hitching back home has been proven to be the work of members of the Palestinian Authority security forces. The two men turned themselves in to Palestinian authorities and confessed to the crimes. Up to this point, the government of President Abbas had claimed the shootings were a criminal act that had nothing to do with its forces. Israelis are infuriated that Palestinians did not immediately inform them of the arrest nor of the confessions of the two men.

At this point in the struggle to secure a just peace between the two groups, it is imperative that both sides stand back from hostile actions that could damage efforts. Israeli housing construction was condemned by this writer, and we strongly condemn this outrage by members of the Palestinian Authority. Both murderers must immediately be turned over to Israel. Both sides have to avoid such incidents.

Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah-Terrorist Or Politician?

Zaher Mahruqi, writing in the Jerusalem Post, raises the question as to whether or not there has been a fundamental misunderstanding among Israelis about Hizbullah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah. He notes Nasrallah’s comments after the Israel invasion of Lebanon which did not lead to recapture of Israeli soldiers and fierce fighting, “We did not think, even one percent, that the capture 9two soldiers) would lead to at this time and of this level. You ask us, if we had known that the operation would have led to such a war, would we have done it? I say no, absolutely not.” His comments shocked many Arab people who initially regarded him as a hero who had stood up to Israel. According to Mahruqi, Nasrallah was attempting to make the Lebanese people aware he did not wish further war or violence and wanted to play a role in creating a viable Lebanon. He understands the Lebanese people are sick and tired of war. Last week, Nasrallah agreed to an exchange of bodies with Israel. He is a politician who wants power and authority, and, if necessary, he is willing to forgo violence to achieve his ends.

Perhaps, it is time for Israel to discover the extent to which Nasrallah really wants peace by offering to negotiate with Hizbullah on a wide range of issues, including return of the Israeli soldiers. If Nasrallah is a pragmatist, he will engage in negotiation. So far, the continual resort to violence on the part of Israel has not been particularly successful.