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The Torah Is At Fault, Claim Rabbis!

Scratch a clergyman and you will discover he can cite something in the Bible, the Koran, the Torah or whatever in order to justify a specific action. During the Inquisition, as priests tortured people, they justified their actions on grounds they simply were carrying out God’s will. Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar informed the world that seizing land on the West Bank was simply a command from God. He urged American Jews to put pressure on their government to have them halt exerting pressure on the Israel government to end settlement construction on the west bank and in East Jerusalem. The Rabbi argued the attempt to prevent Jews from living in the west bank “is being done at a time when every person is allowed to live wherever he wishes, to live in every area of the world, while here in Israel(Americans)want to create a (Palestinian) state in which it will be prohibited for Jews to live.”

Perhaps, the Torah ordered Jews to assume control over the West Bank, but the Torah is somewhat out of date regarding people going wherever they desire. Every nation has immigration restrictions which prevent strangers from entering their land. The West Bank came under control of Israel as a result of warfare. International law precludes a conquering nation from taking control of land and building settlements for its own inhabitants by ejecting those living in the area.

Jewish Rabbis are as much filled with their own self importance and arrogance as their brothers in religion –Muslim, Christian and you name it clerics. Israel Jews violated international law, not the Torah!