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Italy Cracks Down On Roma Population

The government of Premier Silvio Berlusconi is pursuing its plan to fingerprint each and every Roma living in Italy as part of his program to end crime. Rome’s city officials and the Red Cross began a census of the city’s Roma population, but would not participate in any fingerprinting of the people. Red Cross personnel are handling the Rome census in order to reassure Romas they are not being targeted for any police action. Rome Prefect Carlo Mosca, the government’s top security official for the city, says he is skeptical of mass fingerprinting. he assured the press Gypsies will not be fingerprinted unless thee is suspicion they may have committed a crime. “When there is suspicion of a crime… fingerprints can be taken as for any Italian.” However, other cities like Naples have been more aggressive and all Gypsies are being fingerprinted.

Among the nations of the world, Italy has long endured the legacy of its Mafia heritage which is undoubtedly alive and well not only in Sicily but in other parts of the nation. Mafia leaders live in the open and are known to local police. Will the police initiate a fingerprint campaign for all members of the Mafia?

Two Italian Girls Die, Oh Well, They Were Only Romas!

It was a summer hot day on the beaches of Naples and the four girls decided to head off for an afternoon of sun, and perhaps, earning some money from tourists or other people on the beach. They were four Roma girls ranging in age from 16 to 14 and down to eight. They walked along the beach either begging for coins according to one version or selling trinkets to another. Around 1:00 p.m. the heat got bad so they decided to walk into the water even though neither of the girls knew how to swim. At this point, the story gets murky. Police reports suggest they went further into the water until caught in currents. The two younger ones were rescued by the 16 and 14 year old drowned.

The bodies of the two girls were placed on the beach. A few people came over, glanced for a moment and returned to sunbathing, eating or talking with friends. According to the newspaper, La Reubblica, “While the lifeless bodies of the girls still on the sand, there were those who carried on sunbathing or having lunch, a few metres away.” After all, they were just some Roma girls.

Some human rights experts are raising questions, not merely about the indifference of Italians to the dead bodies, but to events as described by the police. Why did four girls who did not know how to swim go so far into the water?

This is just another story in the Italian bigotry toward those who are Romas.

Italian Gypsies Being Evicted In Crackdown

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi got elected on his platform of cracking down on crime, and to many Italians that is synonymous with cracking down on Gypsies. A recent order in Rome caused 25 Gypsy families to find themselves placed in a field just outside the city limits of Rome even though Rome’s police chief opposed the order. They were hounded out by police using dogs against the families including women and children. Alessandro, commented: “We work for a living but in a couple of hours everything we had created, relationships we had built with locals over the decades was wiped out.” Most of the 150,000 Gypsies currently in Italy are working people, but prejudice stirred up by right wing haters has destroyed the lives of these innocent inhabitants of Italy.

In Naples, a Gypsy camp was firebombed and throughout the country angry cries of hatred echo against the Gypsy. In Rome, those supporting Gypsy rights marched through the streets including Holocaust survivors. Some Gypsies marched wearing concentration camp uniforms withe the letter “Z” on their chest to signify there were a Gypsy.

The 25 Gypsies described previously are now in a field next to Tor Vrgata University. The Rector of the university has but one question: “When will they be evicted?”

Ironically, all the complaints about Gypsies being lazy or criminal are the same words of hatred uttered against Italian Americans by hate mongers.

Italy Faces A World Without Romanians!

The last Italian election witnessed a dramatic victory for those who want to get rid of immigrants who they claim are the cause of crime in the nation. The coalition government of Silvio Berlusconi promised to crackdown on immigrants and supposedly replace them with good Italian workers. Unfortunately, after the rhetoric, the nation awoke to the reality that immigrants constitute an important component of the workforce. It appears the hundreds of thousands of those “unwanted immigrants” clean Italian middle class houses, they pick up the garbage and care for children while mom and pop are out making money to afford a nice lifestyle. It is estimated in Rome alone, about 100,000 foreigners care for the old and disabled and are most probably in Italy without proper credentials.

It is estimated there are about 3.5 million immigrants in a nation of 58 million people. The largest contingent of immigrants are Romanians and they tend to be the target of most anger because it is alleged Romas are responsible for crime even though there are no accurate records as to the percent of crime caused by this group of immigrants.

The new coalition is now toning down its record as they realize it is easy to shout during an election to rid the nation of immigrants but difficult to carry out the threat when there are not enough native born Italians to pick up the work slack. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, who probably shouted the loudest in denouncing immigrants, is now saying they will only jail newcomers and leave alone those already in Italy.

Italian Fascists Attack Immigrants

During the recent parliamentary elections in Italy, Silvio Berlusconi and his allies campaigned on a program to act tought toward immgrants and to get rid of them. Last m onths, thousands greeted mayor Gianni Allemanno of Rome with Fascist salutes and a mob firebombed a Gypsy camp near Naples. On Saturday, in a ten minute blitz, a group of between 10 and 20 masked men attacked a food shop owned by an Indian migrant and two stores owned by those from Bangladesh. The Pigneto neighborhood has a reputation for peace co-exitence between people of divergent backgrounds, but the Berlusconi encouragement of anger toward foreigners undoubtedly played a role in fostering this hateful action.

Interior Minister Roberto Marconi of the anti-immigrant Northern league Party which is allied with Berlusconi commented: “Italy is not a racist country. Episodes of this kind are sometimes enflamed by crimes committed by illegal immigrants.” Naturally in Berlusconi Italy, victims are the culprits, not those who assault. Italy lived through twenty-five years of Mussolini Fascism, and it will work its way through this latest ugliness.

Neo-Fascist Is Mayor Of Rome!

About eighty years ago, Fascist thugs led by Benito Mussolini, stormed through the streets of Rome on their way to power and the installation of a dictatorship that eventually led to the destruction of their nation. Yesterday, a former street-fightng neo-fascist won a crushing victory in Rome’s mayoral election which adds luster to the triumph of conservative Silvio Belusconi who gained a majority in parliament. Gianni Alemanno, wears a Celtic cross belonging to a friend who was killed in a street demonstration and he promised to implement his anti-immigrant program as soon as possible. Among the key points of his program, which apparently, met with approval of Romans, includes:
“Immediate activate procedure for the expulsion of 20,000 nomads and immigrants who have broken the law in Rome.”
“Closure of illegal nomad camps, rigorous and effective checks on legal ones, and their progresssive elimination.”

Mr. Alemanno was swept in by hysteria that began last fall when a housewife was mudered and the national press highlighteed stories about immigrant murderers. Several migrant camps was demolished and a new “decree law” imposed restrictions on immigrants far surapssing any in effect within other European Union nations.

Fascism by any other name is still fascism. Italy gave birth to modern fascism, hopefully, eventually saner minds will give birth to anti-fascism.

Italy Goes Along Political Road To Nowhere

Silvio Berlusconi bought himself another electoral victory in Italy because the nation is simply tired of politicians and decided to go along with a right wing egomaniac as the best of all possible choices. Center-Left leader, Walter Veltroni conceded defeat as his party garned 38.2% of the vote to the victor’s 44.9%. It appears at first glance that Berlusconi will be able to govern without relying on votes from smaller parties, but the confusing pattern of voting in Italy sometimes leads to unexpected results when voting is completed for the lower house of parliament. The Northern League Party, which is allied with Berlusconi, scored a rather impressive showing due to its strident anti-immigrant platform.

One piece of news tht helped doom Veltroni was a European Union report which indicates the Spanish economy has now surpassed that of Italy. The question is whether Berlusconi could stimulate the Italian economy even though the last time in office he failed at that effort. When all is said and done, the Italian people were disgusted by their choices and went for a famous man who has money and could use his control over media to get across his message.

Sarkozy Says NUclear Weapon Iran Is Unacceptable!

President Nicholas Sarkozy addressing the American Jewish Congress reiterated his stand against allowing Iran to possess an atomic bomb, but he also indicated “I believe that Arab countries including Iran have a right to civilian nuclear power.” The French president denounced anti-Semitism in France and emphasized that the existence of Israel as a Jewish state is “non-negotiable.” Sarkozy said Muslims in France enjoy complete religious freedom and hoped that Muslim nations would reciprocate by providing such protection to those who are not of the Muslim faith. Meanwhile, Premier Prodi visiting in Saudi Arabia warned against taking military action against Iran arguing, “in addition to not solving the problem, it would open new destablizing scenarios in the whole region.”

IN his desire to ingratiate himself with the American Jewish community, President Sarkozy made a blunder when he said Israel was a Jewish state. About 15% of the Israeli population is Muslim and they even elect representatives to parliament.

Italy Denounced For Anti-Romanian Actions

The passage of a law in Italy which allowed citizens of the European Union who posed a threat to security to be summarily expelled from the country is encountering serious opposition in Europe. The “decree law” was signed by Prsident Napolitano within hours after the murder of Giovanna Reggiani, wife of a naval captain, by a member of the Roma community. A spokesperson for the EU Commission said such a law was only acceptable if it could be proven an individual was being charged, not an entire group. Gianfranco Fini, leader of the Fascist National Alliance said people should be exposed not only on grounds of being a security risk, but if they lacked sufficient income. Romania’s President Traian Basecu said he condemned attacks on Italians committed by Romanians, but he also condemned “any acts of violence aimed against Romanian citizens as well as any speech that incites people to disrespect the civil rights of Romanian citizens, regardless of where they live in the EU.” A few days ago four Romanians were beaten up in Rome.

The reality is that about 700,000 Romanians have migrated to Italy including many Romas. The facts are simple and clear –only 9 Romas have been convicted of murder in the past eight months. The death of Mrs. Reggiani is tragic, but her death should not be used to give support to violence against innocent people.

Anti-Immigrant Hysteria Sweeps Italy!

Last week, an Italian woman was walking home when she was brutally attacked by a band of criminals who not only robbed her but left her dead body in a gully. The crime has aroused a fury of anger by Italians against their immigrant population which numbers nearly a million. Police swept through Roma immigrant camps, which are nothing more than shanties thrown together out of discarded wood and boxes. They demolished hundreds of these shanties and sent the immigrants to staging areas where they will be deported. A new law just passed by Italy’s parliament allows a local prefect to expel any European Union citizen is their actions constitute threaten “public security.” The law is now being enforced throughout Italy against Roma immigrants who historically have been hounded and persecuted wherever they attempt to live. Recent figures in London reveal that while the foreign immigrant population is 27% of the population, they only commit 20% of the crimes. Since arrival of about 700,000 immigrants nine months ago from countries like Rumania, Romas have been charged with exactly nine murders. It would be interesting to ascertain the number of murders committed by members of the Mafia during the same time period. Xenophobic and populist politicians are having a field day with the murder in order to justify their desire to get rid of immigrants.

Fear of foreign people is alive in Italy, a nation which historically welcomed such arrivals to their country. A single murder has now become the spark plug to unleash the fury of populism against foreigners. Italy might benefit from a similar anger being directed toward the Mafia in Sicily where crime far surpasses anything done by Roma immigrants.