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The man we know as Barack Obama is a man of many qualities.

1. He is an eloquent speaker.

2. He espouses high ideals, but struggles when in the valley of reality.

3. He represents a turning point in American history toward African Americans that excites some and infuriates others.

4. On a human level he connects with people, on an economic level, he confuses people.

5. He states insightful foreign policy goals but the statements rarely are followed by action.

6. He is clueless in Afghanistan like all invaders from Alexander the Great.

7. He has yet to understand that leadership means making difficult choices that preclude compromise.

8. He frequently displays the backbone of a chocolate eclair.

9. He is a person one desires to like and it hurts to slam him for policies that do not match his rhetoric.

10.. It is unfortunate he surrounds himself with the Ivy League, the ones who created this recession and got us into the Vietnam war. How about people from CCNY?

Great Ivy League Debate-About Felix-Cat!

British historian Niall Ferguson has initiated the great debate in the Ivy League over the relationship between Felix the Cat and President Obama. The Harvard educator in a debate with Princeton’s Nobel Prize economist, Paul Krugman, made a reference that connected Felix the Cat to President Obama. “Felix was not only black. he was always very, very, lucky. And that pretty much sums up the 44th President of the U.S.” Krugman went on the attack about the connection which led Ferguson to respond that while Felix was black, he was not African American. In fact, Ferguson enlisted the support of fellow Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates, who made clear that “Felix’s blackness, like Mickey and Minny Mouse’s was like a suit of clothes, not a skin color.”

Wow! Aren’t readers relieved to know that Felix the cat was not an African American! To those who have never taught college, I regret to inform you this is typical college conflict. College professors argue about trivia. If you seek to enjoy a good college discussion, attend a meeting of any college faculty when they discuss parking spaces. As former Harvard Professor Henry Kissinger stated many years ago, “the reason for the passion of college discussions is the subject is so trivial.”

Just think some readers are paying Ivy League tuition so their children can take courses from people who want to argue about Felix the Cat.!!