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President Mbeki Rips Into Rival’s Values

President Mbeki of South Africa made plain his opposition to Jacob Zuma’s desire to become president of the African National Congress which leads inevitably to president of South Africa. Mbeki specifically pointed out the ANC’s commitment to women rights and charged Zuma is opposed to these historic values. He even stated there should be no problem in having a woman elected head of the nation. These comments were obviously directed at Zuma who was charged with rape(not convicted) and has made several disparaging remarks about women. The president also noted the ANC opposition to tribalism which Zuma frequently plays upon in his public comments. He believes Zuma is a demagogue who plays to the crowd and, if elected, esort to a patronage system of rewarding friends, something the ANC has always opposed.

There is considerable evidence that Jacob Zuma has become a popular figure in his party and will most probably obtain the position of president of the ANC and also of the nation. At this point in time, his reputation as a womanizer and demagogue does not bode well for South Africa.

Jacob Zuma And President Mbeki Fight Over Power

Jacob Zuma, African National Congress leader, who was acquitted of rape and corruption charges, appears in line to become the next president of South Africa. Despite being dogged by graft allegations, he has capitalized on the blunders of President Thabo Mbeki in order to gain overwhelming support of ANC members. Zuma is using the autocratic leadership style of Mbeki to gain widespread support as well as emphasizing a commitment to help the poor of his nation. Many people believe, although Mbeki has helped to generate a vibrant economy by working closely with business interests, he has paid less attention to those in the bottom rung of society. Zuma has gained the support of most trade union leaders, and in an amazing turnaround, the ANC Women’s League announced it would back Zuma. This group severely attacked his behavior when Zuma was charged with rape and then justified having sex with an HIV positive woman on grounds that he showered afterwards.

President Mbeki is still fighting to maintain control over the African National Congress and will not readily surrender his power. Whoever controls the ANC is assured of election to the presidency and Zuma at this point appears to be clearly in the lead. Mbeki can not run again for the presidency, but he wants control over the ANC in order to determine who will succeed him in the presidency.