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South Africa To Debate Moral Values

President Jacob Zuma urged his countrymen to engage in an open debate regarding the nation’s moral values and beliefs. On one hand, he said, “we are united in diversity” but on the other hand he decried that certain people believe their standards and values are superior to those of other groups. “I am going to initiate a national conversation on the moral code and our moral values.” Who can oppose a national discussion on moral values? Who can oppose allowing many people to engage in open debate regarding the values of a nation? Outwardly, the goal is desirable, but it also raises questions as to whether the goal is identifying an overall outline of what constitutes the characteristics of a democratic society or is one imposing that upon those who disagree?

A democratic society has a multiple set of values and beliefs because only through diversity of ideas can any society institute changes. Today’s “radical idea” is tomorrow’s conventional way of thinking. Always maintain an open stance for diversity of values and morals.

Jacob Zuma Ignores Reality In Zimbabwe

Many who believe Zimbabwe has a right to live in a democratic society had high hopes the election of Jacob Zuma as president of South Africa would allow that nation to take a more assertive role in fighting to end the tyrannical government of Robert Mugabe. However, with each passing day, Zuma simply repeats the cliches of his predecessor, Mibaki, who refused to utter a word of criticism against Mugabe’s brutal suppression of democratic voices in Zimbabwe.

At a meeting of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) the best Zuma could utter was “we urge all parties to remove any obstacles to the implementation of the agreement(power sharing)” Huh! The Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai has been working to restore a semblance of normality to their nation despite being harassed by Mugabe goons. Zimbabweans need Jacob Zuma to denounce Robert Mugabe and insist on his agreement to the agreement of power sharing!

Women Issues In South Africa

Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance in South Africa, said it was important for women to look beyond symbolism such as Women’s Day and focus on issues that are most pertinent to the daily lives of females in South Africa. “it’s time to face reality on these issues and not be cowed by male politicians who do not want to h ear about rape rates or the disastrously of children who do not know their fathers.” She urged moving past the rhetoric of women’s liberation and “we know want the reality.”

She wants the South African government to enforce maintenance requirements for men to support their families. She wants a real program to address issues arising from the high rate of HIV and a first step would be to place responsible people in positions of authority. She also wants sex between a male and under-aged girl to be considered statutory rape.

Unfortunately, for Helen Zille and the women of South Africa, the current president of the nation is hardly a man who qualifies as being an advocate of equality for women.

Sex, Women’s Rights And Political Nastiness In South Africa

The politics of nastiness is strong in South Africa these days as open clashes occur between Helen Zille, leader of the Democratic Alliance and Jacob Zuma, the newly elected president of the nation and his African National Congress. Zille continues to blast Zuma for his record of being blatantly sexist while now herself being charged with ignoring women’s rights in selecting members of her Cabinet. Allan Boesak of the newly founded Congress of the People, (Cope) urges both Zille and Zuma to tone down their political debate. “What South Africa and here people do not need now is political discourse conducted at the level of personal attacks rather than responsible arguments.”

Boesak reminds Zille and other opponents of Zuma that the vast majority of the nation voted for the African National Congress and it was time to end personal attacks and get back to the issues facing society. In many respects, this clash is similar to Republican attacks on President Clinton and his sexual escapades which eventually got out of hand and became caught in impeachment proceedings that tore apart the country.

Jacob Zuma is undoubtedly a man whose past experiences reveal lack of respect for women and their dignity as individuals. Helen Zille is a fighter for democracy, but selecting an all white, all male Cabinet is insulting to both women and black skinned people.

African National Congress May Divide

South Africa, like many nations on the African continent which obtained independence forty or fifty years ago, had in place a powerful revolutionary party which moved right into the position of assuming leadership of the government. In South Africa, it became accepted that candidates of the African National Congress would win key government positions such as president of the nation. Minor parties have always existed in South Africa, but they may now have new opportunities to have leverage on government. The African National Congress is in the process of dividing after Jacob Zuma forced President Thabo Mbeki to resign as president. A new political party is being formed by dissidents who have left their party in disgust at the tactics of Zuma.

The division of the African National Congress is a good sign for democracy in South Africa. Minority parties will finally have a voice in government and will be able to serve as watchdogs of democracy.

South African Democracy At Turning Point

South Africa has made a dramatic switch from being a country in which apartheid and prejudice ruled into one in which there are competing nations which view for leadership. However, the recent case brought by the government against African National Congress leader, Jacob Zuma, threatens to undo much as to what has been accomplished in creating a democracy. Zuma is charged with fraud, money laundering and corruption. His followers are demanding the charges be dropped because he is such a key leader and charging him with crimes distracts from his importance in leading the nation.

This blog does not know if Jacob Zuma is innocent or guilty, but that verdict must be rendered by a court of law.Zuma is a charismatic leader, but he must face charged against him in court and put up a defense that proves the government has a trumped up case. In so doing, Zuma will be telling the people of South Africa that no single person is above the law.

African National Congress Leader Jacob Zuma An Enigma

Helen Zille, leader of the South African Democratic Alliance party, blasted Jacob Zuma, the candidate for president under the banner of the African National Congress. Ms. Zille charged Zuma was unfit to become president because of his refusal to guarantee the nation he will respect and abide by the South African constitution. She stated there were considerable concerns regarding his views on treatment of HIV/Aids patients, his refusal to guarantee the integrity of the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s right to air controversial programs, the charges he currently is facing regarding alleged corruption, and his failure to support the right of authorities to conduct corruption investigations.

A major concern for Ms. Zille are statements made by Zuma about elections. She challenged him: “Will you publicly acknowledge that all political parties are equally legitimate before the law and that the results of any free and fair elections must be respected?” Ms. Zille termed the ANC leader an “enigma,”

A persistent tragedy for South Africa is that none of its leaders who followed the administration of Nelson Mandela are individuals with that man’s concern for constitutional rights.

Zuma Blasts Mbeki Inaction On Zimbabwe

African National Congress President Jacob Zuma stated in blunt terms the Zimbabwe election fiasco was a violation of the rights of its people. “It’s not acceptable. It’s not helping the Zimbabwean people who have gone out to..elect the kind of party and presidential candidate they want, exercising their constitutional right.” His comments distanced the incoming president of South Africa from Thabo Mbeki whose timid reaction to the violation of Zimbabwean rights has been severely condemned by other African nations. Zuma told reporters, “the electoral commission must isssue the results because it is actually destoryng its own credibility as an institution that is supposed to be neutral.”

For the first time, a South African leader acted as a leader when Zuma said “I imagine the leaders in Africa should really move in to unlock this logjam. Concretely, this means African countries should identify some people to go in there, probably talk to both parties, call them and ask them what the problem is, as well as (talk to) the electoral commission.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese government, which shipped a boat load of weapons to the Mugabe government, may have second thoughts about its delivery since dockworkers in African nations are opposing unloading the cargo. They may decide to back off on delivery due to problems created by the dockworkers. China may unleash another storm of world protest if it proceeds with sending arms to a nation whose leader has denied his people their right to freely elect a president.

Zuma Zilches Backing Down On Corruption

Jacob Zuma, recently elected leader of the African National Congress, continued insisting graft charges against him stem from his opponents who wish to prevent his election next year to the presidency of South Africa. A trade union official who supports him warned of violence, but Zuma urged his followers not to go in that direction. “No, No, that is exactly what I do not want. I do not want people to die or that shops and cars be set alight. I do not want any violence.” After being charged with corruption last year, he was hit with a new set of indictments in the past few weeks. His trial is set to begin August, 4,2008 and will take place amidst the glare of the world press. Many of his supporters believe his rights are being denied due to the long delay in actually beginning a trial.

Jacob Zuma aroused the anger of President Mbeki who fired him from the vice presidency. The two have clashed over power and it is clear Mbeki does not want Zuma to follow him as president of the nation. However, Zuma does have a right to a quick trial and dragging it out for another years certainly is not in the interests of justice.

Jacob Zuma Faces New Corruption Charges In South Africa

Last week, the African National Congress selected Jacob Zuma as its leader, which ordinarily, given the party’s domination of South African politics, is a first step toward becoming president of the nation. However, South African prosecutors yesterday levied new charges of money laundering, tax evasion, and racketeering to go along with and earlier indictment of fraud and corruption. President Mbeki, a political opponent of Zuma, had fired him as the deputy leader of the nation after he was acquitted on rape charges, but his financial advisor was sent to jail for soliciting bribes. The new indictment was denounced by many sectors of the African National Congress as stemming from a vendetta by President Mibeki.

Ironically, all players in this crime drama belong to the same political organization– the African National Congress. Zuma’s trial will begin in April, 2008 and he has promised to step down from running for the presidency if he is convicted. Although, he has made that promise not all observers believe he will carry it out. Jacob Zuma plays the role of radical reformer who is on the side of the average African. This performance has gotten him popularity, but along the way, there are simply too many charges and indictments to make him other than a dubious leader of a nation that holds the mantle as conscience of the African continent. A true leader would retire gracefully from the scene, don’t hold your breath for this happening in the near future, regardless of the outcome of his trial.