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Smugglers–Don’t Head North To Canada!

It is a given in modern life that nations seek to guard their borders against illegal immigrants, but throughout American-Canadian history the two nations have maintained relatively open borders to facilitate travel. A senior official in the Obama administration made clear that Canada would not be treated any different than what is happening on the Mexican border. OK, so there is extensive drug violence and kidnappings and murders on the US-Mexican border, but who is to tell that drug lords will not head north to Canada and continue the same sort of violence? Of course, common sense would dictate that Canada is NOT a threat to American interests. Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, made clear “we shouldn’t go light on one (border) and heavy on the other.” Why not?

She also let Canadians know that regardless of past history, Canada and the United States have a border and she intends to safeguard that border against —?? There is no threat from Canada and it makes sense to lower restrictions on our neighbors to the north even while we maintain tighter ones on our neighbors to the south.