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Don’t Let Children See Homeless Fed-It’s Upsetting Them!

The Japanese NGO, Sanyukai, which has been feeding the homeless for decades in Tokyo’s Sanya district was ordered by the metropolitan government to cease its activities due to protests they have received. Many parents are upset that their children who attend local schools may have to walk past areas where homeless people are being fed and this will somehow upset the little ones. After all, is it very difficult for children from middle and upper class families to encounter the phenomenon that some people are hungry or without shelter. The Tokyo government also said the activity violates Article 24 of the river law which forbids occupancy of riverbeds without proper authorization– the NGO uses that area as the place to feed homeless people.

Some might regard it as a learning experience for children to come into contact with those who lack food and shelter, and, perhaps, to assume responsibility for helping those individuals. Of course, such an attitude would indicate the concept of compassion might be aroused in young Japanese children.