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Hail Jenni Williams- A Fighter For Zimbabwe!!

Jenni Williams over the past few years has been in the forefront of those fighting for human rights against the brutal leadership of President Robert Mugabe. In October, 2008, she was arrested for taking part in a peaceful protest which endeavored to obtain more food for the millions of people who were starving. She was placed in jail for and brutalized and tortured. Since 2003, Ms. Williams has been organizing Zimbabwe women to fight for their economic, social and political rights in a society which they are marginalised by men who run the government and society. She has been arrested 33 times since beginning the fight for women’s rights in Zimbabwe.

Once she was abducted and driven into the darkness where police threatened to kill her and then leave her body in an unknown grave but she wound up in a jail where a sympathetic policeman came to her aid. During her recent imprisonment she had to sit in the burning sun for hours until her entire body became sunburned. A colleague came and said that Barack Obama had won the election. “YES,” that news “made the pain not so bad.”

As an activist she has been forced to send her children to the United Kingdom for safe keeping and remains in Zimbabwe fighting for human rights.