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Jerusalem Blood Bath=Hamas Victory

During the past several months the goal of Hamas has been to throtle efforts at peace betwen Palestine and Israel. The slaughter of eight innocent Jewish youths culminates the triumph of this strategy. In Beirut, Muhammead Fadlallah, spiritual mentor of Hizbullah speaks in the spirit of a true religious leader by describing killing innocent children as the “heroic” Jerusalem operation. Blame for the current fiasco in negotiation for peace can be shared by many individuals ranging from George Bush to Hamas to Abbas to Olmert to the despicable failure on the part of religious leaders on all sides to use their moral influence in furthering the cause of peace. The carnage in Gaza and in Jerusalem did not totally end peace negotiations but it would require a new mental state of mind to ensure any possibility of success.

This blog suggests the following as possible ways out of the current impasse:

1. Draw upon the mediation model in Kenya by asked leaders not involved in the Middle East to help in the process. We suggest Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan and a representative from Turkey which enjoys good relations with both sides.
2. Involve Hamas at all stages of the mediation process.
3. Bring in a Muslim Army to supervise the Gaza area that would be drawn from Jordan,
Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and Algeria. Israel would reopen exist crossings.
4. Keep Condi Rice or anyone connected to the Bush administration out of the process.
5. Make it known clearly any violations of the interim peace process would result in
punitive action. That means no targeted assassinations of Muslim leaders and no suicide
bombings or rocket attacks.
6. Each side would be compelled to announce one major concession at opening sessions
of the peace process. Israel might announce that any land taken on the West Bank from
Palestinian owners would be restored. Abbas might announce there would not be a
demand for return of all refgugees.
Allow the present situation to continue and disaster will occur.