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Peace Talks Between Israel And Palestinians?

The government of Israel insists it desires to engage in peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Authority insists it seeks to have peace negotiations with the Israel government. Once that is clear to the world, the question remains as to why no talks proceed. The Israel government says it is willing to talk with President Abbas as long as their are no preconditions on the part of Palestinians such as insisting on halt to housing construction in the West Bank and in Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the world can not tell Israel it can not build in Jerusalem. President Abbas responds by saying the original basis of peace discussion were supposedly based on Israel’s boundary in 1967. He also notes Netanyahu says talks can not talk about return of Palestinian refugees.

Is the above clear? Each side insists on no preconditions to talks while each side has preconditions. Israel is in the driver seat and thus it must make the initial move. Halt all housing construction for six months and give peace talks a chance for success.

Israel Accuses Sweden Of Diplomatic Coup

Once upon a time a long time ago there was a nation named Israel which held itself up to the world as a symbol of decency and respect for the rights of all humans. But, as the years passed, Israeli leaders adopted the stance the entire world was against their nation and therefore it could act and do as it wished regardless of world public opinion. However, this brave stance doe snot apply when nations suggest that all may not be perfect in the kingdom of Israel. Israel newspapers charge that Sweden in its role as the alternating president of the European Union will make reference to Jerusalem as being both the capital of Palestine and Israel. Of course, most European Union nations support the concept that Jerusalem should be the capital of both nations, but the very thought appears outrageous to the Israel government.

It is rather amusing when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists Palestinians can not come to the bargaining table with preconditions, but he insists that all nations accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Isn’t that a preconditon?

Apres Moi, Le Deluge Boasts Benjamin Netanyahu!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has an appointment with Death and destruction and damned if he will hold back from pursuing that path to complete isolation of Israel in the world. The United States has made clear Israel has no right to build housing and commercial enterprises in the area around Jerusalem known as “E-1″for to do so would cut the West Bank in half and make impossible the ability of a future Palestinian government to have a united nation. In his recent election campaign, Netanyahu told Israelis, “I want to see one continuous string of build-up Jewish neighborhoods.” His argument is failing to have Jews build in this area would result in Palestinian construction. It appears Netanyahu is ready to challenge the United States, the European Union and the world, all in the name of Jews should “have the right to live and buy anywhere in Jerusalem.”

If we follow the logic of Benjamin Netanyahu that people can not be told where they can live, does this mean Palestinians can live in Jewish areas of Jerusalem? How about Saudi oil billionaires deciding to buy up large parts of Jewish areas in Jerusalem and then placing Palestinians in those areas?

President Obama is TRYING TO HELP ISAREAL! If current Israel policies of building without regard to Palestinian rights, there will be no peace and Israel will be condemned to fifty more years of war and violence. Israel must cease building houses and focus on building peace!

Netanyahu–America-Stay Out Of Our Playground!

The Israeli government is now infuriated because the Obama administration has mad clear a ban on settlement construction also includes East Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet that “Israel will not agree to edicts of this kind in East Jerusalem.” He made clear his government’s view that a “united Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people in the State of Israel, and our sovereignty over the city is not subject to appeal.” He then made a ridiculous comparison between forbidding Jews in New York or London from purchasing a home in certain parts of those cities. Obviously, the prime minister did not know until the 1960s, it was quite legal to forbid Jews from purchasing homes in many sections of American cities.

The issue is simple– will Israel abide by international law? According to international law an occupying army can not build homes for its citizens in occupied territory. Israel conquered Jordan in the 1967 war and seized control of east Jerusalem and the West Bank. Netanyahu can continue his ridiculous comparisons by he continually ignores that Israel does not own the land on which housing for its citizens is being constructed.

The prime minister and many Israelis who were dumb enough to vote for this man still do not realize that a majority of American Jews support the ideas of President Barack Obama and they are not “self-hating Jews.” Unlike, Israel Jews, they are intelligent and sophisticated Jews who seek peace and prosperity for the state of Israel and understand it can not come by use of guns.

Israel For Peace, A Piece Of Jerusalem, West Bank, etc..

In 2003, Israel signed onto an American sponsored road map peace plan which called for a settlement freeze including natural growth, but to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when Israel signs an agreement it is open to interpretation, but when Arabs sign agreements, what is signed is. An American State Department spokesperson made clear the Obama administration believes any further expansion of building whether in the West Bank or in east Jerusalem is a violation of the 2003 road map. “We’re talking about all settlement activity, yes, in the area across the line.” Israel insists it has a right to build anywhere in Jerusalem, it says so in the Torah.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a cynical political leader whose goal is maintaining power and he will take whatever steps are necessary to gain support of the religious right and West Bank settlers. The Obama administration will lose all credibility in the Middle East if it allows Netanyahu to continue building settlements. Obama must stand firm, he is the only real friend the state of Israel has in the world.

Netanyahu Twists And Dodges To Avoid Peace

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been challenged by President Obama to focus on the importance of peace in the Middle East, but the Israeli politician is more focused on securing votes than peace. He finally came out in support of the existence of an independent Palestinian state, but the “buts” are clearly an impediment to moving along the road to peace. “If we have guarantees,” he said, “of demilitarization and security arrangements required for Israel and if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people we will be prepared to in a real peace arrangement to achieve an independent Palestinian state.” However, in the next breath he made clear Jerusalem must remain under Jewish control and praised West Bank settlers and insisted they have the right to expand housing based on normal population increases.

President Abbas responded to this “offer” saying “Netanyahu’s remarks have sabotaged all initiatives , paralyzed all efforts being made, and challenge the Palestinian, Arab and American positions.” No one denies the right of Israel to insist on a demilitarized Palestinian state, but to demand that Palestinians must accept the idea that Israel is a “Jewish state” when one out of five of its inhabitants is not Jewish is simply unheard of in any form of international interactions. Could Netanyahu identify another example in which a nation must accept that another nation is “X” or “Y?”

There are numerous reports that Arab nations are not oblivious of limiting their demands on the “right of return.” This can be negotiated, but it will entail Israeli compromises. Step one is to recognize that Jerusalem will be ruled by both peoples.

Jerusalem Divide Grows Between Israel And US

The conflict between Israel and Arab nations is over a half century old, but some of the original issues of dispute continue exerting the emotional power to stir up anger and hatred. Jerusalem is regarded as critical to the meaning of an Israel and a Palestinian state since it represents the core of each people’s belief in religion. The American State Department issued a statement on Sunday in response to comments by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear in the statement that “Jerusalem is a final status issue. Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to resolve its status during negotiations. We will support their efforts to reach agreements on final status issues.”

Netanyahu opened up the proverbial can of worms by insisting “united Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. Jerusalem was always ours and will always be ours, it will never again be partitioned and divided.” Negotiations entails give and take in which both sides gain and lose. Exactly what is Netanyahu ready to give up in the pursuit of peace?

France Blasts Israel Prime Minister For Destructive Words

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the proverbial elephant in the china shop every time he opens his mouth to comment on the situation in the Middle East. Yesterday, he told a gathering in Jerusalem the city would remain under Israel control and no part of it would be turned over to Palestinians. “Jereusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people, a city reunified so as never again to be divided.” The French government was furious at the remarks which ignored legitimate Palestinian concerns about the future of an independent nation. French Foreign Ministry spokesman, Frederic Desagneaux, retorted to the comments by saying: “the declaration made by the Israeli prime minister yesterday in Jerusalem prejudices the final status agreement.” He made clear “in France’s eyes, Jerusalem should, within the framework of a negotiated peace deal, become the capital of two states.”

The French are concerned about expanding housing on the West Bank, blowing up Palestinian homes or declaring them to have been built, ‘illegally’ in order justifying taking possession of the properties, because these actions make impossible any agreement between the conflicting parties.

Netanyahu insists he told Obama about his feelings toward Jerusalem. If so, the president must share the French anger at the inept behavior of the Israel prime minister.

Netanyahu Speaks Truth About His Views

Prime Minister Netanyahu is no longer in America and no longer has to gaze into the eyes of President Obama so the real Benjamin took center stage. At a stare ceremony marking Jerusalem Day, he said: “Jerusalem was always ours and will always be ours. It will never again be partitioned and divided.” He emphasized that only under rule of Israel can there truly be freedom of religion for all people in the city of Jerusalem. Earlier in the day, President Peres made similar remarks. “Jerusalem is held sacred by half mankind(but)it has been and always will be Israel’s capital. We never had another and it has never been the capital of any other people.”

Netanyahu emphasized he had told Obama about his views regarding Jerusalem. The question unanswered is exactly what does Prime Minister Netanyahu wish to negotiate with Palestinian leaders now that he has taken Jerusalem off the table and the West Bank off the table and return of refugees off the table, so what’s left to discuss?

President Obama has a tough problem on his hand because the real Benjamin Netanyahu does not wish to negotiate, he wishes to inform Palestinians what he will grant them as part of a settlement.

Israel-Only Nation On Planet Earth Guilty Of Anything!!

Nobel Peace Laureate, Mairead Maguire accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” policies in east Jerusalem where there are plans to tear down 90 Arab homes. “I believe the Israeli government policies are against international law, against human rights, against the dignity of the Palestinian people.” If the demolition policy is carried out about 1,500 people will be left homeless. It definitely is heartening that Ms. Maguire is taking a strong stand against ethnic cleansing and her defense of the 1,500 people is notable. Of course, at this very moment on planet Earth there are numerous examples of ethnic cleansing and one can only wonder why Ms. Maguire is only concerned about one– in Israel.

Let’s see:

In Darfur, at least 200,000 have been killed in ethnic cleansing and about one million forced to flee their homes.
In the Congo, five million are dead and millions forced to flee homes as invading armies conduct policies of death and destruction in order to drive people away from rich mineral sources.
In Myanmar a brutal army led government has been conducting ethnic cleaning against several groups.

Just one question, Ms. Maguire–given the death of 200,000 in Darfur or the death of thousands in Myanmar, why aren’t you speaking out about those ethnic cleansing? Oh, I forgot, there are no Jews involved in real ethnic cleansing. We all know that 1,500 people who have lost their homes is much worse than 200,000 who have died.

Let me make clear our opposition to Israel policies on the West Bank and in Jerusalem, but how about a sense of proportion. The MAIN ISSUE ABOUT ETHNIC CLEANSING AT THIS MOMENT IS IN DARFUR AND IT IS BEING CARRIED OUT BY MUSLIMS!