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Jesse Jackson Mouth Speaks Once Again-Unwisely!

Jesse Jackson has been on the American political scene for over forty years and during the time has allowed his mouth to speak before his mind was thinking. During a break on Sunday at a Fox News program, Jesse Jackson made a crude remark about wanting to cut off Senator Barack Obama’s testicles while unaware a microphone was catching every one of his words of wisdom. After learning last night “The O’Reilly Factor” would air his comment, Jesse issued a quick apology to Obama insisting his support for the candidacy was “wide, deep and unequivocal.” Jackson also told reporters of his concerns Obama’s speeches could come across as talking down to black people and there should be more emphasis on unemployment and how to reduce the number of blacks in prison.

Last September, Jesse Jackson criticized Obama for “acting like he’s white” due to remarks made about the arrest of six black juveniles in Jena, Louisiana. His son, Jesse Jackson Jr., has condemned such remarks of his father saying “his divisive and demeaning comments” about Obama “contradict his inspiring and courageous career.

The current political campaign is probably the first in nearly forty years in which old time leaders who claim to represent the African American community, no longer are on center stage. A new generation has emerged who are tired of such expressions like “acting white” and want to express their ideas without being categorized and stereotyped by those who claim the mantle of leadership. A new generation has assumed power and Jesse Jackson will have to take a back seat in the new political arena.