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Israel Schools To Have Increased Religious Education

Many of the founders of the Israel nation envisioned a modern secular school system that would allow children to obtain a broad perspective of the world. The Israel Knesset approved a bill that provides secular children extensive exposure to Jewish studies in order to ensure Israeli youth have an enhanced understanding of their Jewish heritage. Advocates of the new education bill argue at present Israel education has been split into religious centered and secular centered approaches which results in many Jewish youth not receiving education in the meaning of Judaism. Knesset Education Chairman, Michael Melchior argues the new system would appeal to immigrants who migrate in hope their children would obtain a Jewish education.

It still remains open as to the meaning of “pluralistic Jewish education.” The bill provides for rabbis to be available in schools in order to further understanding of Judaism. As one who received his Jewish education from an after school religious institution, the new approach raises serious questions as to whether Israel is allowing religious figures to intrude into secular education. How does this fit into long term needs for Muslim and Jewish youth living in the state of Israel to one day attend school together?