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Giuliani Courts Jewish American Votes

Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is attempting to woo Jewish voters by taking a strong stand on Middle East issues. He boasted at a recent meeting of Republican Jews that he had won Jewish votes in New York, a city “Abraham Lincoln didn’t carry, and intended to win Jewish votes on a national basis. Giuliani realizes Jewish American voters don’t have to be won over on social issues since they agree with him on topics such as abortion or gun control. One Giuliani supporter said the reason for his popularity among Jewish Republicans is “because of his positions on terrorism in general and Israel in particular, and his willingness to make Islamic radicalism a significant campaign issue. Most Jewish Republicans are still pro-choce, so he’s got the right social agenda and the right foreign policy agenda.” At the meeting, Giuliani repeated his heroism in removing Palestinian leader Arafat from a UN concert.

The tragedy is that so many prominent Jewish leaders are blind to the dangers posed by a Giuliani stance on Israel and Palestine. He dogmatic stance on only examining the views of Israel hardly make him an American president who can work with both sides to revolve their conflicts. He will not speak the truth that both Israel and Palestinians both have committed actions that are not consistent with their own religious and ethical views of life. He is a bully who plays to bullies in the crowd rather than demonstrating empathy and concern for all people. Giuliani would rather get a vote than do what is best for Israel and America.