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Muslim Scholars Stand Against Terrorism

A conference held at Artuklu University in Turkey concluded with a statement by Muslim scholars entitled: “Standing United Against Terror.” More than fifteen prominent Muslim scholars from a wide range of nations, participated in the meetings and they unanimously agreed that “nothing can justify terrorism and indiscriminate murder in the name of Islam.” Participants made a special effort to examine the 14th century “Mardin Fatwa” which is often cited as justifying terrorism. The scholars agreed a 14th century opinion can not be taken to be cited as an official Muslim opinion. The “New March Declaration” which was issued at the conclusion of the conference emphasized, “actions of terrorist groups are not jihad, but arbitrary murder” and made clear the Koran “unequivocally forbids indiscriminate killing and murder.”

The conference made clear that “terrorists are destroying their own faith and disparaging the honor of Islam.” What else can be said other than why didn’t the American government after 2001 work with such scholars?

Jihad In North Carolina!!

Homeland Security devotes extensive resources and energy in the struggle to prevent foreign born terrorists from entering the nation. Heck, we still take off our shoes in an airport because several years ago a terrorist on an airplane attempted to light his own. Yesterday, in the quaint terrorist locale of Raleigh, North Carolina, a man, his sons and four others were arrested on charges of planning a jihad here in America. Daniel Patrick Boyd. who two decades ago trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan and went on to fight Soviet troops in Afghanistan, converted to the Muslim religion and persuaded his sons to join him in a holy war against the infidels. The group is charged with providing material support to terrorism.

Boyd left his Raleigh mosque because it was too moderate and gathered around him a group that wanted to do strike a blow against those who represent the evil West. Boyd’s mother who lives in Maryland termed news about the jihad, “weird to me.” Most probably it is equally weird to neighbors and friends of the man who harbors anger at those who do not fit his definition of being a “good Muslim.”

Since we have to remove our shoes because of some nut case on a plane, does news about Boyd mean we no longer can travel to North Carolina?

Australian Terrorists Convicted

A Muslim cleric and six of his followers were convicted in Australia got planning terrorist attacks in the name of God or something. Abdul Nacer Benbrika, and his fellow stooges were arrested for plotting to attack landmarks in his native Melbourne in order to achieve some goal. Although the group had never identified an actual target or obtained the necessary arms and materials to do anything other than shoot off their mouths about bravery and jihad, they will still wind up in jail. The keystone cop group had planned to attack the city’s cricket stadium but became worried about security personnel in the area.

The problem with groups such as these is their desire to sit around mouthing off bravery but the only brave thing they ever did was to actually attend one of these silly meetings. They were ready to kill women and children in pursuit of some end, exactly which, is still unknown. Why is it that jihadism brings out the most incompetent people in the world?

Mumbai Terrorist Confused About Mission

Amir Ajmal Kasab, the lone Mumbai terrorist who was captured, revealed to interrogators a confused story about the goals of his mission of death. He claims when originally recruited for a mission, it was the assumption of his group they were going to make an attack in Kashmir, and it was only later on they discovered the mission was to create havoc and death in Mumbai. His group spent over a year in training and it was only at the last stage they learned the real destination of what they were to do. Kasab says he was indoctrinated into a hate-India program which said it was his destiny as a true Muslim to kill the Indians if he wanted to wind up in heaven. According to interrogators, “he did not regret the act and insisted that his actions were not against Islam which is against the killing of innocents.”

M. Kasab apparently finds nothing wrong with his handlers sending him on a suicide mission which entailed killing of innocent women and children. He sees nothing wrong with never discussing with his handlers any form of escape, death was the only alternative and the death was those on the mission, not the death of the handlers.

As an objective outsider, one wonders if people in Muslim societies will be demonstrating in the streets about the death of Indian civilians and children?

German Police Raid Suspected Islamic Terrorist Homes

German police conducted widespread raids across the county aimed at smashing a suspect Islamic terrorist operation to wage jihad both in Germany and elsewhere in the world. The raids were designed to disrupt a network that was attempting to radicalize Muslim Germans and get them involved in terrorist activities. Nine men were seized who were supsected of “forming a criminal network” of terrorism. The center of their activities was a former community center called the Multicultural House in Neu-Ulm. The men focused on converting Germans to the Muslim religion and inciting racial hatred via means of literature and audio and video reccordings.

Outwardly, the Geman police smashed a “terrorist” operation, but, so far, the nine men did not implement any plan of action even though they may well have been planning action. One is back to the proverbial issue of yelling fire in a crowded movie theater. Is the act of spreading “hate” a crime? Are there certain forms of “hate” which are more prone to result in violence than others?

Kuwait Cracking Down On Terrorism– Or Is It?

The Kuwait Ministry of Awqat and Islamic Affairs is launching a campaign to halt the spread of terrorism in its nation. From now on, it will “monitor” all speeches given in mosques by Imams and preachers which lean toward fostering feelings of anger and violence. Anyone who uses a mosque in order to preach about politics will be punished “suitably.” The Ministry of Education intends to educate youth about the dangers of extremism. “Most extremist organizations,” said a spokesperson, “target students, incite them and send them to Iraq and Afghanistan or to any other part of the world to wage Jihad.” The Awqat Ministry is determined that everything possible be done to ensure this culture not take root in Kuwait.

The assumption of Kuwait authorities is that some type of “education program” will deter young people from moving away from violence toward acceptance of the world in which they live. The root causes of Muslim youth deciding to participate in a “jihad” do not spring from lack of education, they arise from dissatisfaction with society or anger that those in authority are not adhering to the tenets of their religion. Although Kuwait has taken steps to expand the parameters of democracy, it still has a long way to go on this issue. Perhaps, if young people could participate in democratic encounters within their society, they might be less inclined to go on jihads. Muslim youth, like so many other young people in this world, are seeking justice and peace. One does not “educate” youth about democracy, one “practices democracy.”