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Jimmy Carter Works For Middle East Peace

Former president Jimmy Carter is reviled by conservative talk show hosts, supporters of Israel and any night on Fox News as someone who hates Israel. Of course, Jimmy Carter is the ONLY AMERICAN PRESIDENT WHO ACTUALLY HELPED NEGOTIATE A PEACE AGREEMENT BETWEEN ISRAEL AND AN ARAB NATION. I do not always agree with the ideas of Jimmy Carter, but his motives derive from a genuine desire to foster peace in the Middle East. He currently is talking with Hamas leaders who told him they were willing to accept the 1967 borders which, in effect, is recognizing the existence of the state of Israel. Ismail Haniyeh also told Carter he was willing to exchange captured Israel soldier Gilad Schalit for Palestinian prisoners.

Ironically, there are reports that al-Qaeda attempted to assassinate Carter by placing road side bombs on the route he was traveling. Ironically, the Shin Bet passed on information to Palestinian sources about the potential attack. The reality most Israelis do not wish to accept is they can have peace– based on 1967 borders if that is their desire. But, insisting that Israel can retain the West Bank is a killer in any attempt to secure peace. Accept the 1967 borders, be recognized by Arab nations and create a Middle Eastern version of the European Union– that is the road to peace.

Jimmy Carter Makes Sense On Israel-Palestinian Conflict

I know many Jews who regard former president Jimmy Carter as an enemy of Israel and insist that George Bush has done more for Jews than any prior president. Carter has been appearing on several talk shows such as Jon Stewart and Larry King in order to hype his new book: ‘Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.” His message is simple, but right on target. If Israel continues its present policies at some point it will be faced with the demographic nightmare that a one Israel solution eventually will result in a majority of the population being Muslim. Is it possible to have a “Jewish state” in which a majority are of the Muslim faith? Anyone familiar with Israeli politics knows it is virtually impossible to get Jews to agree on a single candidate, let alone a single program. The result would be Arab bloc voting, Arabs taking over the government, and then civil war and conflict.

Jimmy Carter’s solution is rather simple. Israel returns to the 1967 border although he believes it would be possible to arrange some modifications of borders by a swap of land. Arab nations would have to recognize Israel and trade and commerce could flourish between the nations. Carter argues there could be a financial arrangement to deal with the refugee problem. Carter also suggests a corridor– under supervision of the IDF– that would link Gaza with other Palestinians.

Jimmy Carter, unlike George Bush who brought violence and terrorism to the Middle East, is the ONLY AMERICAN PRESIDENT WHO EVER NEGOTIATED PEACE BETWEEN ISRAEL AND AN ARAB NATION. He helped negotiate a cease fire between Hamas and Israel last June, but Israel refused to end its blockade of goods going into Gaza and the rest is history.

For some reason, many Jews intensely dislike Jimmy Carter despite his accomplishments in aiding peace for Israel. I have heard cries that he wants to destroy Israel. Nothing in his actions nor in his words are directed towards any other end than peace for Israel. One may disagree with his suggestions, but to term Carter an enemy of Israel is a view without any foundation in reality.

Hopefully, some day, future Israelis will remember this brave and decent man with the respect he is due.

Jimmy Carter– Mbeki A Disaster On Zimbabwe

Former President Jimmy Carter blasted Thabo Mbeki, the ousted president of South Africa, for his failure to do anything other than spout nonsense concerning the tragedy in Zimbabwe. In theory, Mbeki was supposed to be a go between for the Southern African Development Community in the effort to resolve the conflict in Zimbabwe. Carter pulled no punches by saying, “I think he’s (Mbeki) always been in bed with Mugabe pretty much, and pretty timid about contradicting his old friend, who was one of the first revolutionary fighters who was successful in southern Africa.” But, today, the old revolutionary has become a new kleptomaniac who steals from his own people and rewards cronies and those in his government. What can one say about a man who claims to love his country, and has created a cholera epidemic which has taken 2,800 lives and left 50,000 infected?

Carter believes the only solution is for the Southern African Development Community to use its political and economic power to force Mugabe from office. Unfortunately, leaders of that group are a bunch of cowards who avoid hurting the feelings of the old revolutionary even if it means the current Zimbabwean population has to suffer.

Two Israel Newspaper Reports On Carter Visit

Following are the reporting by two Israel newspapers of the recent visit by former President Jimmy Carter to the Middle East. We present their report without any editiorial comment.

Jerusalem Post: Editorial Analysis

“As Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz said on Israel Radio, Carter–with all due respect to the peace treaty he brokered between Israel and Egypt 30 years ago-is ‘detached from reality’…The problem with Carter’s approach is that he only focuses on Palestinian frustration and seems to dismiss Israeli frustration with the fact that even as negotiations continue, terrorism rages. Despair is not a one way street…To prove that the current negotiations were not going anywhere, Carter invoked comments made to that effect last week by PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow, leaving the distinct impression that Israel was to blame. But, why place the onus for lack of movement on Israel’s doorstep? Maybe, just maybe, it is not Israeli intransigence, but Palestinian intransigence that is holding up the works. Carter never seemed to entertain that notion…The road map calls for consistent, serious attempts by the Palestinians to foil terrorism against Israelis anywhere. Does anybody really believe that is happening? To create the impression that Israel is violating the road map while the Palesltinians are living up to it is nonsense…Also, if one wants to talk about road map regression, the fall of Gaza into the hands of Hamas, which carries out terrorism on a daily basis, would not be a bad place to start.”

Haaretz: News Story

“Democratis White House hopeful, Barack Obama on Tuesday expressed wariness about former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s report of progess in his meetings with leaders of the Islamist Palestinian group haamas. Obama criticized the decision by Carter who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 to hold meetings with the group as a ‘bad idea…I think that what we’re seeing now is that even as President Carte suggests there was breakthrough, you had some of the same old rhetoric coming out of Hamas representatives with regard to Israel’….Meanwhile, Abbas said on Tuesday that Carter failed in his attempt to talk Hamas into accepting a future two-state peace deal with Israel. ‘Carter gave them the right advice. He urged Hamas to accept the two-state solution and accept past Palestinian agreements with Israel, but unfortunately he failed to convince them and his visit did not end up with positive results.’ Also, Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State “Condoleezza Rice said the Bush administration explicitly warned Carter against meeting with members of Hamas, the Palestinian faction that controls the Gaza Strip and which is regarded by the U.S. as a terrorist group…Rice told reporters that the U.S. thought the visit could confuse the message that the U.S. will not deal with Hamas. ‘The U.S. is not going to deal with Hamas and we had certainly told President Carter that we did not think meeting with Hamas was going to help further a political settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.’ …

Carter said top Hamas leaders told him during seven hours of talks in Damascus over the week end that Hamas is prepared to accept Israel’s right to live in peace…Carter met in Damascus with Meshal and other Hamas leaders on Friday. He told reporters on Monday, ‘there’s no doubt that both the Arab world and the Palestinians, including Hamas, will accept Israel’ right to live in peace within the 1967 borders…They said they would accept a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders if approved by Palestinians… even though Hamas might disagree with some terms of the agreement.’ ..

Carter added that Israel-Palestinian peace making has regressed since the Ananpolis conference last November.”

Jaw Jaw Not War War Urges Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter may not always express himself in the most polite manner and he certainly has upset Democratic party candidates by engaging in dialogue with Hamas officials, but he is among the few American politicians who understands wars end as a result of talk, not because of them. He again met with Hamas leaders in Cairo where he made clear, “Israelis are suffering as well as Palestinians and they both need peace.” Carter also spoke the obvious: “You can’t have an agreement that must involve certain parties, unless you talk to those parties to conclude the agreement. You have to involve Hamas.. They have to be involved in some way.”

Democratic presidential candidates are afraid to support any effort for peace in the Middle East which entails involving Hamas in discussion for fear of alienating Jewish voters, particularly since John McCain while in Israel supported every foreign policy decision of the Olmert government. There is scant hope any sense of reality can be injected into the current debate about Middle Eastern policy until after the election when, hopefully, a Democratic president will take up the mantle of assisting all parties in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Death Takes No Holiday In Gaza Strip

Former President Jimmy Carter has come under heavy fire for engaging in discussions with Hamas leaders in order to explore the path to peace. Yesterday, heavy fire in Gaza resulted in the deaths of three Israel soldiers as well as the killing of several members of Hamas. A Hamas ambush caught Israel soldiers in a tight situation which resulted in the death of three. Rockets continue zooming from Gaza into Israel and Israel continues targeting Hamas leaders for death. The cycle of violence continues unabated but an effort at peace is described as leading to more death and destruction.

There is not the slightest piece of evidence current policies on the part of Israel or Hamas is leading to peace and security for all sides. The diplomatic fiasco continues in which Prime Minister Olmert is offering the Palestinian Authority only 64% of the West Bank and refusing to allow it to assume control of East Jerusalem. Oh, Muslims would be allowed to enter Israel controlled East Jerusalem in order to pray!

There is no indication the current process of “peace” negotiations is leading anywhere other than continued violence. Jimmy Carter pointed the way to sanity– engage in honest discussions with all components of the Palestinian leadership and work toward terms which respect the dignity and rights of all concerned people.

Jimmy Carter Arouses Fury In Israel And With Bush

Former President Jimmy Carter’s visit to the Middle East has created turmoil in Israel and America because of his intention to discuss issues of war and peace with Hamas leaders. He will meet with Nasser al-Sher in the West Bank town of Ramallah and his meeting with the Hamas leader has upset those who believe talking with the enemy is equivalent to accepting the enemy’s kdeas. Carter will be off to Damascus where he will have extensive discusisons with top Hamas leaders. Critics claim having discussions grants legitimacy to the violently anti-Israel Hamas organization.

Carter said when he meets Khaled Mashaael, the exiled Hamas leader his goal is “I’m going to try everything possible I can to get him to agree to a peaceful resolution.” The Carter mission to the Middle East contains no evidence the former president is doing anything other than talk with people. It is certainly a novel idea to claim talking with those with whom you disagree grants legitimacy to their views. During the Cold War, American presidents and diplomats constantly met with leaders of the Soviet Union without anyone claiming such meetings meant the United States was granting “legitimacy” to communism. Nor, did American leaders ever insist prior to a meeting that communist leaders must promise to recognize capitalism and to abandon their goal of destroying it.

I may disagree with many of Jimmy Carter’s ideas, I certainly thought it was in bad taste to lay a wreath on the grave of Arafat, but his discussions with Hamas leaders are not aiding the forces of terrorism. If anything, they may actually help get Middle Eastern leaders to move toward peace.

To Meet Or Not To Meet, Question For Jimmy Carter

The Israel government and the United States State Department are furious with former President Jimmy Carter’s decision to meet with Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal in Damascus next week. Senior Israel diplomats were “outraged” at Carter’s action and Prime Minister Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzip Livni made it clear they will not see Carter when he arrives in Israel. But, President Shimon Peress, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and other Israel leaders indicated a willingness to discuss with Carter what he found out while talking with leaders of Hamas. Jimmy Carter was the only American president to successfully broker a peace agreement between Israel and Arab leaders when he helped bring together Israel and Egypt.

The State Department issued a statement that American “policy is that Hamas is a terrorist organization and we don’t believe it is in the interest of our policy or in the interest of peace to have such a meeting.” Pesident Peres said he would meet with Carter in recognition of his past efforts to assist Israel’s drive for peace.

As of this point there is no evidence the current policy of refusing to enter into negotiations with Hamas has resulted in improving chances for peace. Jimmy Carter has been accused by many Jews of being anti-semitic. The bottom line is he is the only American president who ever helped Israel achieve peace with a neighbor. Contrast his achievements with those of George Bush who has created chaos in the Middle East