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Pakistan Parliamentary Leaders Urge Peace Not War

Parliamentary leaders in the NFP Assembly issued a strong rebuke to CIA Director Michael Hayden who said the US was interested in targeting the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan where the forces of al-Qaeda supposedly maintain bases. Parliamentary leader Pir Sabir Shah said the Hayden remark was an insult to the integrity of Pakistan and condemned US interference in the internal affairs of his nation. Others urged the government to engage in peaceful discussions with the Taliban and al-Qaeda and to reject American calls for extending the millitary campaign. NWFP Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti said: “We’ll make every effort to restore peace in the province(northwest region).We’ll form traditional jirgas for peace.”

Hopefully, a new president of the United States will move the nation away from interfering in the affairs of other nations and encourage their efforts to pursue paths of peaceful negotiation with terrorist organizations. Talk in itself with a militant organization may not necessarily lead to peace, but it moves all parties away from sole reliance on force and allows investigation of alternative strategies.