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Pakistan Accelerates War On Taliban

During the past several years, American leaders have urged the Pakistan government to seriously engage the Taliban within its borders. A series of Taliban blunders such as invading provinces they promised not to attack and suicide bombings have resulted in the Pakistan army’s new aggressive actions against their enemy. The Pakistan government has placed a bounty on the head of Baitullah Mehsud, leader of the Taliban in northwest tribal regions. There are also air strikes which have led to claims that dozens of “militants” have been killed. There is evidence the Pakistan army is employing military strategies borrowed from Americans such as bombing villages in which alleged Taliban leaders are residing.

There is no doubt a significant segment of the Pakistan population has grown weary with Taliban excesses such as suicide bombing. But, military action in itself will not destroy the Taliban or other militants. Pakistan needs a powerful economic development program together with one which creates an effective education system that provides for poor children an opportunity to obtain technological skills leading to good paying jobs. Air strikes help, but schools and jobs are much more effective in defeating the Taliban.

Bounties may gain media attention, but as a Taliban commander told a reporter: “We are like a suicide squad. Mujahideen(holy warriors) do not care about head money. Our mission goes on.” Reading and writing and arithmetic will always out bid bounties.

Are Republicans Living On Planet Earth?

For over forty years the Republican Party has been captured by individuals whose knowledge of economics is centered in some wonderful 19th century concepts that individuals must be freed of all government regulations and the best way to stimulate the economy is to give tax cuts–to the wealthy, that is. George Bush assumed office in January, 2001, and he was given a balanced budget, in fact, one that had a surplus. The national debt was $5 trillion and Clinton had actually begun paying it down. Eight years later after Republican rule, the national debt is $11 trillion, and wealthy people have enjoyed terrific tax cuts in order to make them even wealthier. The gap between the top one percent and the rest of America is the widest in history. Our financial institutions have been wrecked under Republican rule, but the people who control the Republican party in Congress insist all problems stem from those damn Democrats.

I gather Republicans are pointing out that EVERY SINGLE MONDAY DURING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION HAS WITNESSED THE LOSS OF 50,000 JOBS! Yes, the economic problem confronting America are the fault of those DEMOCRATS! The Republican party backed every single economic mistake of Bush and passed earmark laws after earmark laws, but suddenly, they have found religion and don’t want to build bridges in Alaska that go nowhere.

Not a single Republican voted for the economic stimulus package and all they could mumble about was the need for MORE TAX CUTS! Could Republicans please tell America how an individual who has just lost a job is going to benefit by a tax cut! Are Republicans living on planet Xul? People need JOBS, NOT TAX CUTS!

If Republicans continue their obstructive behavior we may well witness the disappearance of the Republican party or the coming to power of the next Republican idiot– Sarah Palin and looking across the Bering Straits as a way to deal with our economic problems.

No Buying Sex In Norway Means Not Having A Job

The Norwegian parliament passed a law this year which makes illegal the purchase of sexual services and it will take effect in the coming months. Although selling sex will remain legal in Norway, a male who purchases sex faces the possibility of a fine or prison. Norwegian authorities want to halt the sex trade which has forced thousands of women into prostitution. However, although many are aghast at the concept of prostitution, there are not many employers willing to actually hire a former prostitute. Liv Jessen, of Pro Senter, an organization which protects the interests of prostitutes, approached 48 hotels, nursing homes and retirement centers in an effort to find trainee programs for the former prostitutes, but not a single one of these organizations indicated the slightest interest in prostitutes.

The bottom line is if no meaningful job opportunities exist, the prostitutes will be compelled to continue their current work, but men soliciting their services will face potential criminal charges being brought against them. Will this only accentuate crime and violence?