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Joe and John-Keystone Cops In Afghanistan

Joe Lieberman and his buddy, John McCain are in Afghanistan and we assume they are there to share a profound knowledge of war and fighting terrorists that both men possess. John McCain is an incredibly brave man who endured torture, but being a POW during a war does not necessarily translate into knowing much about military strategy. Little Joe, who would stab his mother in the back to get elected, summed up his military knowledge with the following comment: “this is a war, and it is a war in which the enemy is being brutal and the only way to stop them is with force.” He added that drones were a “vital element of our effort.” Even as he spoke, a crowd of 5,000 Afghan civilians were marching in protest against American troops who they blamed for being responsible for suicide bombers that killed children.

Joe, the war in Afghanistan will NOT be won by drone planes. It will NOT be won by bombs and troops. It will be won when the people of Afghanistan have a functioning economy, a government run by honest and effective leaders, and their own well trained army. Force, in itself, will not “win” this war. It requires both economic, social, leadership and military force. Sorry, the last person the USA needs to provide testimony on military policy is the weasel who lies and stabs friends in the back and he is known as Joe Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman– The Mouse Who Roars Petulance?

Senator Joseph Lieberman began his political career as a dedicated liberal who fought for human rights and supported ideas such as national health insurance and job programs for the unemployed. Along the way, the political bug of power infected Joe and he envisioned himself as a potential president and world leader. Alas, the best laid plans of men go astray and with each passing year, Joe has wrapped himself in the cloth of being an Orthodox Jew who now envisions himself as defender of oppressors, not the oppressed. Joe now has the power to allow a filibuster to occur when the health insurance bill comes before the floor of the Senate. Joe obviously enjoys the power of being able to hold, not merely the Senate, but the entire nation hostage to his ego. He has made clear that JOE LIEBERMAN will not allow a public health option.

In this week’s Forward newspaper there appears an ad signed by hundreds of rabbis, priests, ministers imams which supports the public option and asks some questions of their senator. “What is it that you stand for? How can you justify your threat to block this much needed reform against the will of the majority? When you speak of values and conscience, what exactly do you understand to be the morality of our current system?” The ad concludes with: “Our voices reflect our traditions and our understanding of what God asks of us.”

Is it your understanding, Senator Lieberman that your religion and your God seeks over 340 million people to lack access to medical care?