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Jimmy Carter Speaks The Truth!

Jimmy Carter is not among the most beloved former presidents of the United States because of his comments on the need for peace in the Middle East, but he is the only ex=president around who does not wander the world seeking handouts in the guise of $100,000 speech payments. He has devoted himself to the cause of peace, and while many, including me, do not always agree with his views, he is to be respected for his fight in the cause of peace. Carter, a southerner, expressed his horror at the undignified, boorish behavior of Congressman Joe Wilson. “I think it’s based on racism. There is an inherent feeling among many Americans that an African American should not be the president.”

Those who opposed George Bush did not shout in Congress while he spoke, “you lie,” even though the evidence was overwhelming that he did lie–about the WMD, torture, etc.. Wilson’s remarks are the proverbial tip of the iceberg of hate and anger that an African American(who was never even born in America!) is now the president. The outbursts of Tea Party ranters reflects deep seated emotions which have nothing to do with issues, and everything to do with who Barack Obama is.

Joe Wilson’s son shouts there is not a racist bone in the body of his father. He is correct on that point. No one said the racism was in his body, it’s in his head. Ironically, the Joe Wilson’s of today who shout about the rising national debt were remarkably silent when George Bush doubled the national debt!

Joe Wilson Just An Average Republican Joe

Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina, (the state that began the Civil War) refused to apologize in the House Of Representatives arguing he had done enough apologizing. Actually, his explanation as to why no further apology is another lie– he still believes Obama lied. It is fascinating that Republicans like Wilson in 2001 and 2002 accused opponents of the president as un-American because they refused to support a sitting president. Joe, let’s look at the record of lies:

1. George Bush said there were WMD as a rationale for invasion.
This was a lie.
2. George Bush said Americans never tortured prisoners.
This was a lie.
3. George Bush said the firing of District Attorneys was not influenced by politics.
This was a lie.
4. George Bush told the American people in 2004 that his administration had created an Afghan army of over 100,000.
This was a lie.
5. George Bush said the “surge” would restore stability to Iraq.
This was a lie.

Frankly, Joe, I really don’t care if you refuse to apologize for your boorish behavior, but would you apologize for supporting the Bush Lie Agenda?

On 9/11

I was driving to work on September 11, 2001 when the radio said a plane had crashed into a World Trade Center building. My initial thought was of the plane which hit the Empire State Building during WWII and it was not until arriving at work that the enormity of the event finally registered. Two days later I was in Manhattan for my college and walked mainly deserted streets as fire engines roared back and forth. New Yorkers had placed hundreds of flowers around fire stations and people would enter them to hug firemen for their gallantry. There was a spirit of community, a bonding between strangers as we spoke with tears in our eyes about the death of our fellow New Yorkers. During the following days, weeks and months Americans rallied around the president and supported his leadership regardless of like or dislike of George Bush.

Fast forward to September 11, 2009 and America has changed. Instead of Democrats respecting President Bush regardless of whether or not they agreed with his views on anything, Republicans have climbed into the sewer of demagoguery and violated every principle of American politics. Joe Wilson’s childish outburst during a presidential speech is merely a symptom of what has happened to the Republican party. A party which was led by such great men like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Robert LaFollette, Robert Taft, Wendell Wilkie, or Dwight Eisenhower is now led by ranting lunatics of hatred who lack any grasp about the meaning of what constitutes dignified behavior.

One is lost for words when members of Congress who have sworn to uphold the Constitution lack any understanding of that document. Is there a single idea that distinguishes the Republican party in regards to any problems other than “no?” Perhaps, the best thing for America is to have any individuals who have common sense or respect for our nation to leave the Republican party to those who dwell in the realm of vicious hatred.

This nation needs two or more political parties which can unite around the Constitution’s principles of respect for the dignity of all Americans. Unfortunately, the Republican party has lost its way and turned itself over to former bug exterminators who regard Democrats as vermin to be extinguished. The country expects more from Republicans than hate and anger. It demands that Republicans uphold the essential ideas of our Constitution.

Republican Hate And Civility

A hundred fifty years ago dedicated men and women who were concerned about the moral health of American society formed the Republican Party in order to halt the expansion of slavery. Their actions aroused such intense hatred in the South that a prominent Republican senator was clubbed by a Southern senator while seated at the Senate. Yesterday, another southern congressman, Joe Wilson of South Carolina, proved that when it comes to hate and disrespect for American traditions, the Republican Party will seek to be number one in boorish remarks. As the president of the United States spoke, Joe Wilson shouted out, “you lie” to a shocked audience of fellow congressmen. Republican leader John McCain expressed his shock that anyone would behave in such a disrespectful manner when the president was speaking as a guest of Congress.

I am certain Rush and Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly will hail the South Carolina mouth that roared hate as a great American who is willing to tell the truth. The only truth emerging from his outburst is the extent to which the great Republican party has sunk when its members dwell in the sewers of garbage and hatred.

The essence of the American political tradition is respect for other parties even when you are furious at their actions. The essence of the American political tradition is when the president speaks to Congress he is offered respect as due to the office of the president.

Senator McCain, you selected a hating loudmouth as your running mate, you help unleash the fury of the ignorant, why are you surprised when what you help create displays their true selves!