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John McCain– You Have Met The Enemy And He Is You!

Each passing day witnesses the self destruction of John McCain who has made the voyage from being a man of principle to a man who would violate any principle in the name of getting a vote. It was bad enough when he flip flopped on the issue of illegal immigrants in order to pander to an electorate that lacked any desire to adhere to the US Constitution. The man who last year worked with Democrats in an effort to develop a plan for dealing with illegal immigrants shouted his welcome to the new Arizona law which allows people to be halted on grounds they look suspicious.

But, his comments concerning the Times Square bomb maker makes John McCain come across as the moral and intellectual inferior of Glenn Beck. Even as Beck was explaining to a confused FOX NEWS team why the police were right in reading the suspect his Miranda rights, John McCain made himself a fool by stating: “reading him the Miranda rights was a mistake!” This from a man who took a solemn oath when entering the military service to obey and protect the Constitution. John, we hardly know ye today!

John McCain, From Hero To ?

John McCain was an American hero who confronted and triumphed over incredible torture and pain during his imprisonment in a Vietnam prison during the Vietnam war. He could have ended the brutality by pretending to accept statements demanded of him by his Communist torturers but refused on ground that his honor as member of the military forbid doing or saying anything that besmirched personal or American honor. Fast forward to his career in the US Senate. For years, McCain boasted that he was a “maverick” who stood alone against his own party if the cause was just. On numerous occasions he indicated his desire to work for a revision of our immigration policy and emphasized we had to identify a plan that allowed illegal immigrants to become part of the nation.

Today, the man of 2010 is not the man of the past. He will say or do anything even if it means besmirching his honor or that of his nation. McCain publicly endorsed the Arizona law which tramples the rights of Hispanics in this country and, most probably, is unconstitutional. John McCain, you are no John McCain!


Dear Senator McCain:

Although I did not vote for you in the past election, there has always been a profound respect for your work in Congress and the many times you pursued the high road rather than sink into the depths of partisanship. Many Americans shared my respect for your integrity as an American who placed the interests of nation above those of political party. It is apparent the past election loss has been both a political as well as personal loss. It is also understandable that pressure from a right wing candidate weighs on your mind. However, recent behavior on the part of Republicans in Congress and members of the Tea Party can not have escaped your attention. A few days ago as John Lewis entered Congress he was assaulted with cries of “nigger” and Congressman Barney Frank was called a “homosexual.” As you know, John Lewis marched with Martin Luther King and was severely beaten for those actions and Congressman Frank is widely respected for his service in the House of Representatives.

Your silence at the hate and sneers at hard working members of the Congress is surprising. You, more than anyone in Congress, understands that service to one’s nation is the highest attribute an individual can attain. We may disagree with opponents, but there must be civility and respect for those with whom we disagree. The Republican party of Wendell Wilkie, Robert Taft and Dwight Eisenhower would be turning over in their graves at the low level to which their party has sunk.

It is imperative for men and women such as you to regain the moral high ground for the Republican party. Newt Gingrich warns Democrats they will suffer for passing a health care bill just as Lyndon Johnson and Democrats did for standing up for civil rights for black Americans! The Republican party needs a new voice who can articulate an opposing program that is consistent with Republican ideas. Can you be the one to express that point of view?

Bribe The Taliban? Do Something Illegal?

The other day I caught Senator John McCain expressing horror at the thought gays and lesbians might be serving alongside straight people. He apparently is also opposed to bribing Taliban militants in order to switch sides. NATO General Anders Rasmussen expressed similar confusing comments about the thought of “bribing” Taliban soldiers. Instead, he said there was a $140,000,000 reconciliation fund that might be used to get Taliban soldiers who are fighting for money rather than ideology to change sides.

There is something amusing about the self righteousness of McCain and NATO leaders. American and NATO soldiers are dying, and these people quibble about paying money to people. Funny, John McCain is all for getting rid of gays and lesbians, but sees nothing wrong with HIRING American civilian companies to make lots of money supplying the military. As far as I know, no one checks Blackwater staff as to who is gay and lesbian. But, when it comes to helping big business make dough, John McCain loses his self righteousness.

Military–Industrial Complex

A h alf century ago, President Dwight Eisenhower, who had led Allied forces in Europe during World War II, warned the American people about a growing alliance between members of the military and US defense contractors. After the appearance of a study by USA Today, Senator John McCain, called for new rules regarding connections between retired officers and military contractors. “The important thing is that they avoid the appearance of conflict.” The newspaper story reported that many retired officers collect their annual pensions, work for defense firms and draw government consulting fees as “senior mentors.” These retired officers work as independent contractors as mentors which allows them to avoid being subject to ethics rules. Rep. John Murtha, a former military officer, was surprised to learn about the mentor program noting, ‘the committee was not aware of this program and we have told the Defense Department to immediately provide us with the justification and criteria for this kind of work.

The only surprise is why anyone is surprised. Former members of Congress, whether liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican work anyone for the right price.


Following are jobs that certain people should not pursue.

JOE BIDEN A high stakes poker player.

GEORGE BUSH National Director of ACORN

SENATOR TRENT LOTT Picking strawberries in California.

RON PAUL Head of the Federal Reserve System.

OPRAH Director of the DAR

JOHN MCCAIN Warden of a prison

JAY LENO Priest in a monastery run by the order of silence.

RUSH LIMBAUGH Head of a homeless center in Harlem

YANKEE FAN Bat boy for the Boston Red Sox

HILLARY CLINTON Fashion editor for Vogue magazine

CONAN O’BRIEN Mayor of Newark

John McCain Palinates On Gay Rights!

Once upon a time there was a bright young man who was filled with moral outrage at the use of torture since he had been subjected to an incredibly difficult time while in a Vietnam prison. Once upon a time John McCain stood against the crowd and was willing to endure unpopularity if he believed in his ideas. In response to requests that Congress end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy which punishes brave young Americans, the Arizona senator urged the military to conduct a survey as to what soldiers thought about ending discrimination against gays. I assume, Senator McCain believes the government should have conducted a survey of southern white beliefs on segregation during the fight over civil rights.

There is no need for surveys, there is no need for further debate. The rights of our fighting men and women are being abused because some members of the military are gays and lesbians. They may be gay or lesbian, but more importantly, they are members of the military and are risking their lives in defense of this nation. The least this nation can do in return is to fight for their rights to individual freedom of choice in sexual matters.

What Price Salvation For The Soul Of John McCain?

I live in Missouri and recently we have been hit by constant ads on our phones and television from Republicans who have resorted to every dirty trick in the books. John McCain several months ago promised he would not discuss the religious connections between the Reverend Wright and Barack Obama– famous last words since ads depicting that relationship are repeatedly seen. In 2000, John McCain denounced religious forces of the right, but today, he has embraced them as dear friends and selected as his running mate a person who is incompetent, but politically correct. His admiral father and grandfather must be turning over in their graves at the sight of McCain selecting as his second in command the most incompetent and ignorant person ever to run for high office in America.

John McCain once stood for decency and bipartisanship but now boasts he will select Supreme Court judges who oppose abortion– a selection that will tear apart the US Senate. He has come forth with an idiotic proposal for health insurance which never would get through Congress, he has refused to support equity for women in the workplace, an idea which would create turmoil in Congress, and the very sight of a Vice President Palin is an insult to any intelligent member of Congress.

John McCain once stood for integrity and honor. He upheld American values of common sense and respect for the rights of all Americans. Today, he boasts of Joe the Plumber as his symbol of America at a time when this nation needs the talents and expertise of well educated people. McCain panders to ignorance, he sleeps with right wing religious fanatics and echoes their words.

Is power the only thing for John McCain? Will he do and say anything to obtain power? What price salvation, Mr. McCain, what price salvation?

Out Of Ideas? — McCain Shouts Fear!

Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan ushered in an era of tax cuts for the wealthy and end government regulations over industry. John McCain entered Congress in that era and was an enthusiastic supporter of the Reagan mantra of the business of America is business. For thirty years this has been fundamental to the belief system of John McCain, but something happened in the past month. At the beginning of September, McCain insisted the economy was in great shape until he changed his mind to announce the economy was in trouble. At the core of John McCain’s belief system is a fervent belief in low taxes on the wealthy and…… It is at this point, confusion reigns. The man who wants government out of the market is now arguing for the government to interfere in the market. The man who wants small government has voted for George Bush ideas that increased the size of government.

John McCain is clueless and bewildered and has concluded the only solution is to shift to the fear approach. Those who lived in the forties and fifties lived during a time when Senator Joseph McCarthy went around America accusing any opponent of being a “communist.” John McCain is going around shouting terrorist. The Bill Ayers attack on Barack Obama is simply Joe McMcCarthyism warmed over. If one accepts the McCain linking of Barack Obama to Bill Ayers because both served on a board, it places into jeopardy any person who served on a not-for-profit board. It is doubtful if anyone checks out the past lives of other members.

With each passing day, John McCain becomes a character in a Shakespeare tragedy who is destined to destroy his honor and himself in the quest for power. Joe McCarthy wound up disgraced and ignored because he pushed the “communist” slogan too far. He reached the point where he was charging the United States army with harboring communists. The first priority in the lives of Americans in 2008 is their economic lives, not the life of Bill Ayers.

Those who live in fear and shout fear are doomed to be destroyed by their own fears.

Editorial: Who Is The Real John McCain?

The John McCain campaign for the past several weeks has asked the question: “Who is the real Barack Obama?” It increasingly is evident, the question that bedevils Americans is “who is the real John McCain?” The topsy turvy up and down campaign being wages by McCain has left the American public completely confused as to who he is and what does he stand for. For example, during the past three weeks he has:
1. Claimed the economy was basically in good shape.
2. Claimed he was going to suspend his campaign to rush to Washington D.C. to save an economy that was collapsing.
3. Accused Barack Obama for associating with terrorists and was an individual not to be trusted.
4. Aroused his right wing fanatic audience to a frenzy so many were shouting to “kill Obama.”
5. Assured a member of the audience that Barack Obama was a decent man and she should not worry if he became president.
6. The same day he reassured the audience that Obama was a decent man, his campaign ads were asking about Obama’s association with Bill Ayers and terrorism.
7. Remained silent when the person introducing him made certain everyone knew it was Barack Hussein Obama.
8. A few days later assured his audience Obama was a Christian and a good man.

America is confused about John McCain. He has most probably conducted the most vicious and nasty political campaign since George Bush conducted such a campaign against McCain in the 2000 Republican primary. If John McCain in October, 2008 has a platform, he is the only one who knows such a thing exists. He jumps around from day to day making confusing statements that, on occasion, match the convoluted language of Bush attempting to explain his policies.

John McCain is a graduate of Annapolis and the son of an admiral and the grandson of an admiral. Among the important lessons taught at Annapolis is placing competent people on one’s staff and not promoting incompetent individuals because of personal factors. The selection of the ignorant, dim wit Sarah Palin is undoubtedly the most blatant example of selecting an incompetent person for a high political office in American history. Yes, she can arouse a crowd of right wing kooks, but does any person in their right mind want Sarah Palin making decisions about war and peace?

At this point in his political history, John McCain is a person to pity. He has sold his soul for an opportunity to obtain power. What price salvation is the real question for McCain?