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Jordan Double Agent Wanted New Jihad

Americans were shocked several weeks ago when a Jordanian double agent blew himself up along with seven CIA agents, but new evidence reveals he also wanted to organize a Jihad against his own country. Humam Khali Abu-Miulal accused his own nation of aiding American CIA agents to kill leaders of the al-Qaeda. He was quoted as saying, “there is no solution to the situation in Jordan other than mobilising to the land of Jihad to learn the arts of war and train in them, then return to Jordan and begin operations.” The real mystery is why Jordan secret service agents did not have a tighter understanding of what was in the mind of a man they considered a valuable source of information.

Reality is no one will ever have an accurate grasp as to the mindset of those who are involved in the machinations of war, counter-intelligence or nationalism. We inhabit a world in flux in which there is so much pain and anger that any individual could take either one of several roads leading either to peace or war.