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An Honest Media Hoax Reveals Daily Hoaxes In Media

The media daily reports stories not founded in the realm of factual data, but attractive and beguiling to attract the attention of readers and viewers. A group of French students decided to show Paris Match how they could match it in the prostitution of responsible journalism. They concocted a series of photographs which depicted a study on student poverty in the nation. Black and white photographs showed students prostituting themselves for money or searching dustbins for scraps of food. The photographs were entirely fake and sent into a contest by the magazine. The students won the $7,500 prize but will not be allowed to collect the money because there photos were based on falsehoods.

The students said their professors approved of the fake footage and noted, “there was nothing in the rules of the competition to say that rigged photos were banned.” They simply wanted to show up the media for what it is — printing hearsay or forcing people into embarrassing photos.