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Russia Number One In Europe!

There are nations which boast of a high standard of living, there are nations which boast of large exports of goods, there are nations which boast of low taxes, there are nations which claim their national debt is low, but no European nation can outdo Russia when it comes to boasting about the number of journalists who get murdered in their country. A report by the International Union of Journalists lists 312 killings of Russian journalists since 1991 which contrasts with two in Germany, one in the United Kingdom and zero in France. According to John Crowfoot, author of the report, “There is a group of states which have a persistent problem of impunity. They are Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, India and Russia.”

Of course, some of the killings are listed by Russian authorities as “accidents.” Of course, for some reason, the “accidents” and “killings” never result in anyone ever being found who committed these actions. If you want to kill a journalist and never get punished, grab the next plane for Mother Russia.