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A Reporter’s Life In Iraq– Intimidation Or Death

Safa al-Mansoor, writing from Basra describes the lives of reporters as one in which intimidation or death are constant companions. Majid al-Brekan, who works for Radio Sawa, funded by America, has been shot at, threatened and told his life would soon be over. “We are fearful and cautious about our work,” he says, “we can’t report the fully story in detail because no one protect us.” Several reporters have fled Basra because of death threats and three have been killed in the past few years. Last year, a website of an unknown militant group posted a hit list of 17 Basra journalist. Some of them immediately left the city. Journalists say any criticism of political parties or militias is a red line that should not be crossed if one wants to live. This lack of reporting allows corruption and killing to go unreported. Journalists also indicated no one dares write about Iran’s role in formenting terrorism.

The goal of George Bush was establishing a democratic Iraq. His policies have led to creation of terrorist groups that hamper freedom of speech, the press or religion. Perhaps, it is ironic, that Bush has always obtained the exact opposite result of whatever he does in foreign policy. The tragedy is people suffer due to his incompetence.