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Fat Lady Sings And Mugabe Makes It A Duet

The entire world knows the Zimbabwe election was won by the Movement for Democratic Change but President Mugabe simply will not leave the stage of power. Zimbabwe’s ambassador to the UN, Boniface Chidyausiku warned everyone not to “write him off. There is a possibility of a run off if neither of the candidates gets fifty percent plus one of the total vote cast and I’m sure he will take that opportunity, if the opportuity presents itself.” He insisted President Mugabe will remain in his homeland and will never seek refuge elsewhere.

Zimbabwe police raided offices of the DMC and arrested two foreign journalists including the New York Times correspondent, Barry Bearak. President Mbeki of South Africa urged the Mugabe government to release election results but none have been forthcoming.

At some point the figures will be released, but the real issue is to what extent can anyone trust what will be given as accurate election results. Nearly a week has gone by without the final figures. There is no doubt heated arguments have been raging among Mugabe stalwarts who face the reality that once he surrenders power, their vast wealth is threatened by a new government. If the Mugabe band of criminals refuses to leave, what other choices remain for the people of the terrorized nation?