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Attack, Defeat, Clear, Leave, Return, Attack, Defeat….

Operation Moshtarak is in full swing as brave American, NATO and Afghan forces sweep into areas controlled by the Taliban, kill some and chase the remainder into the hills. There is no question about the desire on the part of NATO and American military leaders to wipe out the Taliban and hold the area so it will not be retaken. Malalai Joya, a famous female MP in the Afghanistan Parliament, has a rather cynical view of the entire operation. “It is ridiculous. On the one hand they call on Mullah Omar to join the puppet regime. On the other hand, they launch this attack in which the defenseless and poor people will be the prime victims.” Even as she spoke NATO bombs killed 12 innocent civilians.

Ms. Joya identified the main problem with such operations: “the majority of the police in the province are addicted to opium and cannabis.” So, we attack, they retreat, we occupy, we remain for a few months, we leave, the Taliban return, we attack, …