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Islamic Scholar Questions Muhammad Existence

A noted German Muslim scholar has raised a storm of anger by questioning whether such a person as the Prophet Muhammad ever existed. Muhammad Sven Kaiisch, chair of Islamic Studies at the University of Muenster whose duties include training teachers for Muslim high schools in Germany, created a furor by stating his research has led him to believe that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have mythical origins. Police are worried his remarks might lead to attempts on his life. In addition, the Central Council of Muslims has said it will cease cooperating with his center. According to a spokesperson for the group, if Muhammad doesn’t exist it means the Qur’an is a false document and one might then propose closing down the religion.

The traditional view is that Muhammad was born in Mecca about AD 570 and died about AD 632. However, according to Kalisch, “I believe neither the existence nor his non-existence can be proven. I, however, lean toward the non-existence.” Unlike, most converts, Kalisch, has never ceased questioning his faith and has spent his life in the area of studying the Muslim religion.

Many scholars of Judaism and Christianity continually raise questions regarding the actual historical reality of aspects of their religion. They argue the core essence of their religion is what is important regardless if each detail is historically valid.